January 31, 2012

We met the twins!!!!!!!

What an amazing day we had today....I am still on a cloud!  But, first bear with me.....I am blogging for several reasons.  One of the main reasons is that I hope to touch another family out there to consider adoption.  But, I also really want to preserve these memories of our family for all of our children.  I don't know why I am more motivated to blog than write in a journal but I think it is because I can get feedback and motivation from people wanting to hear how everything is going.  Either way, I need to take you back to last night when we got on the plane out of London and headed towards the twin's country.

So, I booked a flight at the other airport in London because the tickets were sooooo much cheaper.  Well, you know the old saying about getting what you pay for.....hmmm, it definitely applies to this situation.  We were hassled at the airport security and they searched every inch of every bag of ours but were completely inconsistent with their standards elsewhere.  They would allow at least half the people to keep their shoes on... and half the people seemed to just automatically take their shoes off.  So I decided to ask if I needed to take my shoes off...the attendant looked irritated and said loudly, "Yes!"  I had to then wonder whether they just weren't noticing the others, which is truly scary! 

I guess my husband and I look truly scary like potential terrorists ready to blow up a plane because while they may have been lax with everyone else....we got the work over!  Then, we proceeded to wait in the "lounge area" because they hadn't even assigned our gate and it was approx 30 min to take off!!!

When they did announce our gate, it was quite the hike to get there and there was literally a mob of people all gathered and shoved together with a straight line trailing to the door.  There was no assigned seats, no organized calling group by group...no organized nothing!  It was just a huge group of people crowding all in at the same time trying to get on the plane first! 

I thought their rush to get on quickly was silly until we finally got on the plane (yes, we were towards the back of the line...of course!)  The plane was *packed* and the only two seats together were at the very back next to a con man (more on that later)

The overhead bins were stuffed to the maximum and Robert had to put our duffel bag at his feet.  So, Robert fell asleep and Mr. Con man proceeded to talk my ears off!

He explained that he owned *huge* palacial houses in Egypt and Hong Kong, as well as owning a large chain of hotels in the twin's country.  I was thinking....sure you do!  And that is why you are crammed into the back of this tiny horrendous plane like sardines with these people rather than taking a normal flight where you could have kept your knees out of your chin and actually gotten a drink without paying for it!  Yep...that's right....if you wanted a drink....you paid!

He was trying to get me to give him more information on our business or ourselves...promising that he wanted us to do digital garment printing on hotel curtains for him.  Any time I said that we didn't really ship overseas or do that type of product....he would have an excuse for why it would work....and wouldn't I consider it etc.....grrrrr!

And, where was my beautiful husband through all of this?  One guess.......

Yep!  SLEEPING like a baby!  He slept for virtually the entire and completely miserable flight! 

Okay, pity party over!  Hmmm, wait one more detail and then I promise I will get more positive.  We got off of the flight and felt the *searing* cold for the first time.  It was about -16 degrees.  I was actually mostly okay with it because I was so glad to get away from Mr. Con. 

We got to the baggage claim area and here is our suitcase winding around the bend....with the zipper completely broken and our clothes flopping outside of it as it bounced along...it looked like our clothes were waving to us.  All that held it together was a rainbow colored belt strapped around the middle.

For any of you old enough and nerdy enough to be fellow Jerry Lewis fans....Yes, we flew on Jolly Fats Wehawken!!!!  For any of you young and hip types....go get the movie "Cracking Up" and you will be a fan!

On to the positives......
We had a wonderful couple that we found through our church that was willing to come and pick us up at the airport.  What a huge comfort and help that was! 

Then we came into our new and extremely *beautiful* apartment home!!!!  It is a different one than the one we were expecting as it ended up being occupied.....it all worked out for the best because I LOVE this apartment and you will see why!

 Here is our entry way....to the right is the kitchen corridor and to the left is the living room.  Can you see our floor to ceiling view?

Here it is!!!

Yes, the glass leans outward...it is an *amazing* view of the snow and icy river.

Here it is at night!

Here is our bedroom

And, last but not least here is the twin's room just waiting for them to arrive tomorrow!!!

They each have a cloth twin baby with an egyptian cotton full size baby blankie and matching cowgirl/cowboy pajamas! 

Okay, okay, I will get to the actual meeting!!!!  We went first to learn more about the twins from their file.  We learned more about their sister but will maintain privacy by just saying that she is not adoptable nor will the children be able to make contact with her at this time. 

Then, we traveled to their foster home with the most amazing foster mother....okay she's just about the most positive, kind, and loving person I have ever met!  She is completely committed to the twins and to their adoption and is truly willing to sacrifice her own needs and feelings so that the twins will have a wonderful future.  I truly can't say enough good things about her....I am absolutely convinced that she was called by God to help these children.  Can I say that we are naming our daughter's middle name after her.... :-)

So, we came up to the house with the most relaxed and sweet golden retriever dogs in the yard...and one very chubby one sleeping in the doorway that we literally had to step over...it was adorable!

We climbed several flights of stairs and then opened a door and......there were the two most adorable angels you could ever see!  Our son (I will now call him I.) was smiling and jumped off the couch and into my husband's arms!   Our daughter (K.) was sitting firmly on the couch covering her face with her hands! Totally different but equally cute reactions to this pivotal moment!  It is okay, K.....I would hide my eyes too!  It is so overwhelming!

We brought out the miniature horses (They both love horses but especially I. as he wants to be a mounted police officer!) and I. and my husband started to play.  K. was drawing and trying so hard not to quite "see" that we were actually there.  She then decided to run back and forth into her room and back to us...hoping, it seemed, that we would notice her but not overwhelm her. 

I. and Robert played and played with the horses and then I. came over to me and took my hand and led me to their play room and where K was.  Before you know it, we were all playing....K showed me her room and which was her bed.  I said K? and pointed to the bed and she said no...I.  And pointed to herself and pointed to her bed and said K.  Then she pointed to me and pointed to the picture of my husband and I on their wall and said "mama"  I could have cried right there on the spot!  I. kept saying Dad and then bopping him on the head with a dinosaur or showing him a book.  I. would point to a picture and would give the name in his language...then Robert would try to say it and I. would shake his head and laugh.  Then we would say what it is in our language and I. would copy it with near perfection!  He will seriously have the language down in no time.  He kept copying me and saying, "no and yes....yes and no"

Their foster mom had wonderful cookies for us and herbal tea and I. kept running back and forth into the kitchen to get more cookies for us to eat.  K. then brought me a cookie and put it right to my mouth to be sure that I would actually eat it!  I. enjoyed rough housing a bit with dad but when I suggested that maybe they calm down a bit he sat in Robert's lap and played with his watch and was fascinated with turning on the light. 

We started a game where I pretended to be sleeping...then I. began snoring too as well as my husband.  Then, K. would make a loud noise or say something loud in her language and we would all startle awake while she giggled and giggled!

I. noticed dad's cell phone.  He mastered how to use the camera within minutes and then ran to take his foster mother's picture.  K. got Robert's notepad and she settled in again drawing and drawing some more. I will truly cherish that picture as well as some little marks that I. made earlier when showing me how he could write his name.

 Before we left, we gave them little bags of jelly bellies and they lit up with delight!  I promise, I did make sure it was okay with their foster mother!  They then started sharing and offering some to us as well as to their foster mother, the attorney, and the social worker. 

And.....the *best* part.......they were told that they would come with us after court tomorrow and I. announced "tomorrow I will go with mom and dad" in his language and then I was able to get a hug and kiss from both of them!!!!  I got my coat on and just had to go back for one more hug and kiss.  At the door I lingered and waved goodbye...they waved back and then we blew kisses to each other. 

This is a day that I will truly never ever forget.........

Oh, no pics yet...but tomorrow...I will do something creative with pictures to allow the privacy that their country wants while celebrating and sharing with everyone our great joy!


  1. YEAH!!!! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. How fabulous!!! I am so excited for all of you! What a long strange trip it's been! The twins sound so ready to have a family!

  3. So glad the meeting was wonderful even though the start of the journey was a little rough. I can't believe you are finally there. And as a former foster mom my heart hurts a little for their foster mom. If you are a good one it always hurts when they leave. Praying for her as well as you guys.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  4. Awesome and so happy for you. Hope the remainder of the journey goes smoothly. God Bless.

  5. Hi!
    I had not "checked in" for a while! Praise the Lord you arrived safe and how awesome that your first visit went so well! Can't wait to see pictures and follow your journey! We are hoping to travel in 3 wks too! Praying for you!

  6. The first day I met my son will be forever ingrained in my mind! Thanks for sharing. Congrats!

  7. How wonderful that they have been in such good care!! How can one ever truly thank the people who cared for our children so much before we found them?! What a wonderful first meeting. Congrats!


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