January 17, 2012

12 days to go-officially overwhelmed!

Those of you that have come from Adeye's blog, know that she has now added yet another $250 Walmart card to the giveaway (and those that didn't can visit her link and be a part as well!)  So, an Ipad 2 and $500 worth of Walmart gift cards are up for rewards for doing something so kind and wonderful as to help bring children home to forever families..... it doesn't get any better than that!

So, my day today...have you ever had those nightmares where you are running and running but you can't ever seem to get anywhere?  That describes exactly how my day went today!  It is so frustrating especially because time seems to be slipping through our fingers!

So, we are definitely getting closer to our goal day by day....we were able to raise approx $100 from our restaurant fundraiser at Costa Vida.  And, we had $260 come in today from donations!!!  THANK YOU to all of you who are helping us...and that number is many!  Please know while we are trying to get our head above water and attempting to thank everyone personally that we are so completely appreciative for the help! 

I am attempting to reach the folks that were potentially offering the grant and to try to see if there is anything we can do.  I will admit, I have had moments today of feeling frustrated and that my efforts were pointless. 

When we did our scripture reading tonight, the story of Peter in Luke chapter 5 was what we read about....coincidence?  I think not.  God knew what I needed to hear. 

You see, Peter was told to let down his nets in order to catch more fish and his first response was "Master we have toiled all the night and have taken nothing."  Then he responds with "Nevertheless at thy word, I will let down the net"  And, there were so many fish that the net broke!  The point being that sometimes you just have to listen to God's promptings and continue to try and try and try again. 

That is exactly what we will do...until our bottoms are firmly placed upon the airplane seat! :-)

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