January 15, 2012

14 Days=Two weeks to go!

Two weeks....two weeks can fly by on the ho hum days in our family....but life for us right now is anything but boring. 

The yard sale was a success!  We made just under $500 and felt the love and support of so many people.  We haven't heard yet about the Costa Vida fundraiser but I know many who went and enjoyed a great meal while giving their support to our family.

 I am so appreciative....I have discovered that we just don't have enough different vocabulary words to say thank you in English.  I wish there was a word to truly describe deep appreciation.  The kind of appreciation that makes you cry and feel guilty for the over-abundance that you have received.  My husband and I have both felt that exact emotion....we've had several thankful moments that rendered us speechless and just staring at each other with teary emotion.   

I started yesterday at 2am.  I was paranoid that I wouldn't wake up early enough to get everything set out for the early birds.  Some of you may not realize that there are die hard garage salers that are out when the sun is barely beginning to go up and the frost is still on the grass.

 I knew that we needed to be available for every possible sale.  I knew by this point that this adoption was going to come down to every single penny.

I wish I had taken pictures of when we were first up and running around like crazy, but..... we were running around like crazy!  So, here are some pics after we got up and running and had a chance to breathe. 

We had some yummy snacks for a bake sale as well.  Grocery Outlet in Yuba City was kind enough to donate the ingredients!

It was a long day and a lot of work but everyone was still mostly smiling.....

My older girls also went and offered flyers to folks in the nearby shopping areas for the Costa Vida fundraiser.  They found that many of the people they approached wouldn't even let them begin to speak before sending them away.  I'm afraid that I have been guilty of this and felt yet another pang of regret as they spoke about their frustration and hurt feelings. 

We ended yesterday late... in the dark and cold once again as we put all of the items back in the boxes.  There was so much leftover!  We really didn't plan to do another sale but we may do one once we are home and life settles in a bit.

I wish I could say that we could just focus on packing and getting everything in order for our trip.  But, next week will be full with doing ebay listings and anything else we can think of....Robert has rare blood so we were considering a plasma donation, lol!  Then, we will know that we have really expended blood, sweat, and tears!

We will absolutely make this work, and anyone who knows me knows that I am stubborn....thanks to all of you who supported us and offered your prayers!   

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