May 11, 2011

Love for Anika

I received this picture and message from Positively Orphaned and thought it was a great idea.  This little girl still needs a family and a fellow blogger came up with the idea of sponsoring her through Reece's Rainbow so that when a family does come forward it will help them to more quickly bring her home without financial constraints.  I had already fallen in love with her too!  She is just adorable and seems kind of sad.  Anyway, the following will explain how they are handling the fundraising:

"I just love it when people advocate for a particular child and that little one ends up with an adoption grant and an adoptive family. Remember Vanya's giveaway that No Greater Joy Mom did? It resulted in a $16K grant and a family. Now Moments With Love is advocating for 'Anika'. This 2 year old girl has HIV and Hepatitis C. Take a moment to read this heartfelt post and see the follow up video. So far more than $9,000 has been pledged to Anika's adoption grant by the end of May. This is a little one I have been advocating for since December 2009 and I am 100% sure she will now get a committed a family due to the love shown by one woman. Her request is simple - host a get-together during the month of May and invite 9 friends who each pitch in $20 toward Anika's adoption fund. Each party results in a minimum $200 donation. It's easy! It's brilliant! So far 38 people are signed up to host parties in May. Check it out and please consider hosting a Love For Anika party."

Here is the link for Reece's Rainbow


  1. This little girl is such a sweetheart. When I saw her listed on Reece's Rainbow I fell in love, and was instantly sad that she was in a different country than where we're adopting from. I'd bring her home in a second if I could!

  2. Did you see that Anika has a forever family committed to bringing her home! Praise the Lord!

  3. Yes! I am so happy for their family and even happier for her!! It is truly wonderful...


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