May 21, 2011

Crazy Monster Chocolate Fight

     Robertson's birthday was last weekend and I now have a very cute seven year old boy.  I truly have never thought about a boy of that age as being cute but I do now! :-) 

     We have "birthday season" in our family in the months of May and June.  Every child has a birthday in those months except Emily and Maria.  That includes the twins...since their birthday is also in May!  Everyone in our family had a chuckle over that.  They will truly fit right in!   Needless to say, these two months get busy and very expensive if we're not careful.

In light of saving up for the adoption and because of needing to stay home with grandma we decided that we would do "home" birthdays on a very small budget.  Having said that, I was determined that it would be just as fun.  I absolutely love, and seek out, the unusual, fun, and potentially messy or slightly dangerous activities.  Actually the danger part I usually discover part way into the activity and then I have to rapidly stop the festivities and make some adjustments.  LOL!
I will share what we did for Robertson's party and then list a few other things we've tried...they were mostly successful but I will add warnings!

We started with the birthday boy making everybody look like monsters!

Then, the girls just had to add to it a bit!

             Robertson had to put his makeup on...with deep concentration

He's so scary!

                          The monsters are ready for some action!

                 Robertson's hand goes in the huge vat of chocolate first!

                                                     And, of course a taste!

                    And the rest went like this....


It took me forever to get this video loaded so I will discuss the other activities in another post.  I will say that one activity involved picking up raisins that were engulfed in flames and another involved plastic tarp, shaving cream, and "ice" skating.  This is why my sister and brothers in law worry when I say that I've come up with a new idea!
 I would *really* love to have some comments with your favorite and unusual activities....I literally collect them!

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  1. That was sssooo much fun! I don't think I want to do it again due to the whole messy part of it!! :D


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