May 5, 2011

My husband says I never listen to him. At least I think that's what he said...

     Before I make a fool of myself and tell you all what ridiculous things I decided had to be done before the home study...I will answer a few questions that have been raised.  I have been asked about the children's country of origin and we are currently unable to mention that in a public forum.  I can tell you that it is an Eastern European country that is rich with history and amazing people.  I am very excited to travel there! 

     We are also not allowed to post pictures of the children or mention their names.  It makes it difficult because they are soooo adorable and I would love to share but I understand the concerns and it is a very small sacrifice so we will strictly honor it.  I will say that the little girl looks a lot like our Emily with whisps of little blond curlies and the little boy is also a blondie with beautiful blue eyes and an impish grin.  He is described as being very outgoing and talkative and is said to be very bonded and protective of his twin sister.  She is described as being more shy and quiet but I can see from her bright smile that she has plenty of spunk!  I can't wait to finally meet them!

     Okay, so on to why my husband has the "I told you so" rights.  I decided that I wanted to refinish our wood floors before the home visit by the adoption social worker.  I had NO idea what it entailed.  Usually, I come up with hairbrained ideas and my wonderful husband is the one who picks up the pieces and finishes what I start.  Only, this time, he is in the police academy and just couldn't. 

     So, despite his raised eyebrows and words of warning.... I informed him what I planned to do "all by myself"!  (SIGH)  I had no idea what I was in for.  We started out with a huge rented sander

Here I am still cheerful but attempting to figure out how to install the sandpaper

Here is the sandpaper afterwards...ummm I think I did it wrong!

Time to lick my wounds and have some cereal....comfort food! unwilling partner in crime!

     Okay, so fast forward a bit.  We returned the first horrible sander to the equipment rental place.  The owner looked at Mary and I with amused curiosity and said, "Did you use this machine by yourself?"

     Next was the edger.  Yet another rental that was expensive especially when you don't get to it for a week and you are paying by the day.  It was heavy and broke my back while nearly pulling me off of my feet. The edger has a light that comes on as soon as you plug it in, and it has a switch that turns it on that is quite independent of this light (this fact will become very important in just a moment) 
     Finally, I was done!  No....wait....I looked around the floor and noticed menacing looking shiny spots of finish randomly dispersed across the floor.  I couldn't believe it...after days and days of sanding and expensive rentals, the floor looked horrible!  I poured out all of my complaints to Robert when he came home that day with tears welling up in my eyes.  The edger sander was at my feet.  Amidst the fogginess of my tears and the stillness of our conversation, I reached down to flip the switch and turn off the light....  Okay, if you've been paying attention so far, the switch does not control the light.  The switch merely turns the sander on!!! 
     Yep! You guessed it!  The sander went wild!  It raced around the floor at lightening speed seemingly happy to have found it's complete freedom.  In hysterics, I ran after it and finally grabbed it just as Robert was able to get it unplugged.  (sigh) Now there were shiny spots left and an unsightly gouge along the sander's trail.
     Robert took pity on me and rented yet another sander that was easier to handle.  He showed me how to use it and mentioned that it would be harder to damage the floors because it was much more would just take more time.  Time....time.....something I always need more of! (sigh again)

     Okay, so fast forward again...and now I'm to the point of doing a light sanding to the floor after I had stained it and Robert had been able to find the time to seal it.  Lauren had arrived home from college by this point and I was thrilled to have another adult to help! 

    I was happily sanding away because at this point, I am thrilled with how the floor is looking!  Everything came to a halt when the plug fell out and so I began gathering the cord with the idea that I would plug it in somewhere closer.  Do you know where this is going? 

     Of course, the plug was actually still plugged in but just loose.  So, when I started to move the cord, it re-engaged into the outlet.  And, it began wildly spinning across the floor.  I ran as fast as I could go to grab it and began sliding across the floor due to all the loose dust. 

     The rest you have to picture in slow motion.  I grabbed the buffer and held it over my head as my body plummeted downwards and the side of my hip and elbow made loud and painful contact with the floor.  All Lauren heard was a loud thud and yelping of her name.  She came running in and saw me flattened on the floor with the buffer held high up in the air, spinning with wild abandon.  We both laughed and howled till we were nearly sick! 

     I know for a fact, that if Lauren had gotten that on video, we would not have had to fundraise for the adoption at all.  We would have won on America's funniest home videos and we would have been all set! 

     Well, all is well that ends well in this household...I truly do love my floor. 

     What's next?  Well, I think I have talked Lauren into painting a mural in the playroom....I think I am nesting! 

*I need all of you to help me!  As we prepare for our upcoming contest...I am wondering, what would be a great prize that you would love to win?

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