October 31, 2011

Last day of our October Walkathon!

Before I mention the fundraiser I want to do things a bit out of order.  I want to apologize for taking a few days away from the blog.   I am once again allowing myself to hear the voice of doubt.  I know where it is coming from and I know that the adversary would love to see us fail.  And, my poor husband is having to listen to me express worry and then he has to listen to me be upset because I am worrying and I shouldn't be!  <sigh>  He has been very supportive and said that I was human no matter how hard I tried to strive to do better.  I just wish I wasn't quite so human or that I wasn't buying in to those that have doubt or lack the desire to support us.  I am way more human than I wish to be!

And, then I received two comments on the blog from two wonderful and supportive people that are out there walking.  You can read them on my prior post.  I really think that we all truly underestimate the power and influence that we all can have on each other.  I truly thank them both for their enthusiasm and support!

 I saw this quote posted today on Facebook:

“When you say a situation or a person is hopeless, you are slamming the door in the face of God.” Charles L Allen

And that's it.  Period.

And, so I am back and blogging and working and striving to bring them home....I know....again.  I am just volunteering to be the poster child for all those of wavering faith.  Ack!

But, today marks the last day of our walkathon, so if you are trick or treating tonight, go an extra bit and reap the benefits of the extra candy!  Or forego the candy and do the extra walk knowing how much skinnier and healthier you will be! Ha!

Tomorrow, we will see how everyone did as I am hopeful that there are many more miles out there that are yet to be counted.

AND, we have truly gone a distance.....why in the world do I lose hope?!?

Where are we now on our virtual walkathon?
After all of our recent miles and those that have been reported to us...we have made it to.......

Elk Ridge, Utah!!!!

Home to about 2500 people and what looks like a really nice community.  The only problem that I had is that it was *so* nice that I had a hard time finding the interesting or unusual.  It was just a beautiful and super nice place to live.

But sometimes you find the unusual in the usual......

How about the small town community high school?  They have super fun teachers that are willing to be goofy and have a good time for the sake of the students:

I just know that I will be just like them tomorrow when the I800A comes in the mail, right?!?  Hey, I might even make a video of it!  Ummm, well, my children might have some reservations about that! LOL!!!
Till tomorrow!  Happy Halloween!

October 27, 2011

Chocolate, Pineapple, and sand

We only have 5 more days of our Walk Across The World!  Plenty of time to get out there and walk, use the extra motivation of all of the fattening candy you are likely to be eating in just a few days! 

A quick update on the I800A form....we're still waiting......and waiting......and waiting!  This is the part that makes the activity of reading other adoption blogs fairly miserable.  I can't count how many people are saying that their form came through faster than it should have. :-(  Not ours! 

I am still hopeful that the twins will be home for Christmas, although each day that goes by makes it less and less likely.  Time to get back on my knees in prayer....


This post is proof that every family should spend more time outside together without other distractions.  I firmly believe that a big part of why Heavenly Father wanted us to do this fundraiser is for all of us to spend some much needed time with one another where we aren't feeling overwhelmed and pulled 500 different directions.

The start of our walk began with my parents bringing over an Edible Arrangement. YUM!  And, we decided to go on our walk and have a picnic with our beautiful fruits and chocolate.

We made it down to the sandy beach at the edge of the river.

And Eleanor went straight to the chocolate Halloween cat.

Much to our surprise, there was pineapple inside!  I have never had chocolate covered pineapple before but it was extremely good!
Eleanor made short work of it!

We all enjoyed chocolate and fruit.....

And then the sweetness and sugar kicked in....let the fun begin!

The children all wanted to show how running in the sand was like being on a treadmill

Then they decided to run up the hill and Amelia decided that she wanted to steal the show!

Don't worry, she was fine!  Hey, maybe she has a future as a stunt double!

There was a ton of laughter and merriment!  And, on the way back....we all felt glad to be together.
The water looked like glass across the top of the river, it was absolutely beautiful!

And, we saw a deer!  According to Robertson, it was huge with a full rack!  From what the rest of us could tell it was a very small and young doe.

It was too dark for the picture to turn out, but everyone agreed that it looked like a ghost.  So, as word has it, we came across a ghost deer!

A perfect Halloween tale to tell.......

Where are we on our "virtual" walk?

We were so happy to get out of remote Nevada but now it appears we are stuck out in the middle of nowhere in Utah!
We are now located in the Fish Springs National Wildlife Rescue.   I searched and searched to find something interesting about this location.

Here is the best that I could find (honestly!)

This little fish is called the Least Chub.  Bet you have never any heard of it before but it is on the brink of extinction.  Why? (Yes, you care!)  It is due to the introduction of mosquito fish in order to control mosquitoes.  The problem is that once mosquito fish are introduced they are almost impossible to get rid of and they threaten the survival of the Least Chub.

Okay, brief science lesson over....if you want to hear more about interesting places to visit in Utah, get out there and get walking!  LOL!  Thanks to all of you for your continued support.  Hopefully soon, I will be reporting that we got the I800A approval!

October 25, 2011

We made it out!!! We're in Gandy Utah!

I'm so excited to report that we've made it out of Nevada!  We are officially in Gandy Utah!! 
Can't you just hear the Hallelujah song playing when you look at this picture! LOL!

Also, our first round of walking will be complete at the end of this month which is only 6 days away! 

If you haven't gotten a sponsor yet, please do so in the near future before we are all finished.  Keep in mind that Halloween night counts!  So, here is another win-win situation (at least for the children!)  the more you walk the more you fundraise *and* the more candy you get! ;-)

I know that we will continue in November, but I will reorganize and make new fliers and come up with some fresh new ideas to go with the new month.  Stay posted!

If you are new and want to learn more about our walkathon click here!
Here is where we are now!!!

This is an excerpt from http://www.saltlakefreepress.com/

"Located in the extreme northwestern corner of Millard County 35 miles southwest of Fish Springs in our western most part of Utah sits a small town called Gandy.

I'm guessing that you likely haven't been to Gandy, nor would you think you would have any reason to go to or even through Gandy.

Let me tell you how wrong you would be. You see, Gandy is home to an Oasis in the desert with a naturally cavern fed hot spring of crystal clear blue water that is a perfect 82 degrees year round. A pool of clear mineral rich water is made for soaking as well as creek beds of varying water depths for the kids to splash in make it a perfect day trip for the entire family.

Gandy is approximately 196-253 miles from Salt Lake City, depending on the route you choose and sits only 3 miles from the Nevada border. Head west to Tooele and Dugway for the scenic route, enter the Pony Express Trail and drive around beautiful Fish Springs towards Callao, Utah and then turning south passing Trout Creek to Gandy.

Caution: Gandy is very remote, what you don't haul in yourself won't be available at a nearby store, or nearby anything for that matter. Take plenty of water, some food and emergency supplies and make sure that someone knows the route you plan to take. Also, turn off your phone to save the battery.

The back part of the Stansbury Mountain Range is home to the Pony Express Route, Fish Springs and plenty of dirt roads going in all directions. It's easy to get lost so don't misjudge your turn offs and maintain a slow steady speed.

Gandy itself is a quiet community with a few residents scattered about the area, mostly agriculture and small family farms.

The springs, located just north of 'town' on a road heading west about 1 mile are easy to spot, they literally are an oasis of green lush vegetation sprouting out of the otherwise barren land.

Nearby Crystal Ball Cave is on the northern slope of Gandy Mountain. Tours are by reservation only: contact Jerald or Marlene Bates at 435-693-3145

Doesn't this seem amazing?  Oh, what I would give to be soaking in a hot spring right now!!!  If you are walking with us, please send the miles that you've walked as often as you can so I can keep us moving along!  Send your miles as well as how many people walked them to rcwalker@succeed.net

October 23, 2011

Leapin' Lizards!

We are so thankful for those of you that are supporting our family right now by getting out there and walking!   We still need bigger numbers but those of us that are walking, are pounding out the miles!   I wanted to mention that we have folks that follow this blog from around the world and I truly wish that we could get them coming along with us!  I have seen visitors from Australia, Sweden, Phillipines, Russia, Canada, Africa, Thailand, Guatemala, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Korea, Poland, France, and Israel!  Forgive me if I didn't mention your country as I am sure that I missed some!  It would be incredible to know that there are people across the world walking with us to get the twins!  Please email me at rcwalker@succeed.net to report that you are walking for us.  It is as easy as getting a few sponsors or even just one and getting out there and walking! Click here for details!  Scroll down to the bottom to see if we made it out of Nevada!
I have hinted that we see all kinds of things on our walks.  One of the main things that our children look for are all of the critters. 

On this particular hike, Amelia wasn't exactly looking for the lizard....he was, apparently, looking for her!

The girls were sitting on a gate just minding their own business and resting....

When the little lizard decided to come pay a visit to a very startled and unsure little girl!

Here is how the rest played out! (You might want to watch this twice to get the full effect of her complete panic and then the request to hold the lizard within a split second of each other!)

And, once she recovered, it was a moment to celebrate!
The most pressing question is.....Did we make it OUT of Nevada??? 

Sadly, no we didn't....BUT, we went the most miles yet...123 miles and we are now fairly close to the border in McGill Nevada!!!

There are 1000 people that live in McGill Nevada!  So we're not in a ghost town!  BUT, there is a ghost train that runs through from Ely:

There is also a Polar Express Train at Christmas time:

They actually have all sorts of fun special event trains like a Rockin' and Rollin' Geology train, BBQ train, Chocolate Express, 4th of July BBQ and Fireworks train, and you can even rent the entire train for functions like a wedding or family reunion! 
Here is their website:Nevada Northern Railway

There is also the McGill Drug Store Museum here:

 "The drug store itself closed in 1979. While the story of this drugstore might not vary significantly from many other older drugstores across the USA, what makes this one unique is that the store didn’t sell its inventory when it closed. Nor was the store gutted or destroyed while it sat empty. In the 1990’s, ownership of the store was transferred to the White Pine County Museum in order for it to be preserved and restored. Today, visitors to the museum will find a drug store the “way it used to be,” complete with a functioning soda fountain and 30+ year old products still on display. The museum is free to visit, too."

Thanks everyone for the continued support!  Surely we will make our way into Utah tomorrow!

October 21, 2011

We witness a miracle...

ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT!  Our first round of walkathons will end soon but there is plenty of time to still get out there and go on a hike!  We truly still need all of your support!  If you are walking in our (click here)Walk Across The World already....we are deeply grateful!  If you are still considering it...please know that it is so worth it!  I don't anyone that has been sorry to be outside more and enjoying the time with family and friends that we all lack.  Click on the tab above marked Fundraiser-walk to see the fliers and if you want them emailed contact me at rcwalker@succeed.net .  Please email me your miles as you walk or hike so that we can make our "virtual" progress across the world (see where we are at the bottom of this post)

Why help us?  Read this beautiful poem:

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life.
But those who make their journey home across time & miles,
growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,
are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us
by God's very own hands.
--- Kristi Larson

I had a busy day yesterday and was going the entire day.  Started at 5am and taught seminary.  Then volunteered at the hospital and painted with a tiny child with cancer. 

That is hard by itself but I couldn't paint a baby the way the child wanted me to....I just couldn't get the arms right!  I thought it needed elbows but that wasn't it, then I tried defining the fingers but that wasn't it either.  I made the arms longer and that only brought about more frustration and sucking of the thumb while curling up at the bottom of the bed.
I felt awful wishing that I could help...and get those arms right.  But then I thought, nothing seems right when a little one has cancer....maybe that was the problem. 
Got out late from volunteering and was late to a friend's house to pick up garage sale items.  Had a great visit and received some truly nice things!  Raced another half hour drive to take my oldest daughters (still at home) to their service club. 

Got a text from my husband saying that we were having the missionaries over for dinner unexpectedly.  Raced to the grocery store and raced the hour drive home.  Ate dinner and had a good time!
Wrote my seminary final for the next day and talked on the phone to my mom and my daughter in Hawaii.

I was so tired when I realized that I had not written the blog nor had anyone in our family walked the entire day!  ACK! 

Amidst the exhaustion and feeling a bit discouraged, I got a comment posted to my last blog! ;-)  More miles!  And, when I went to seminary this morning, another report of miles!  So we may not make it much farther into Nevada today but every mile counts for a lot!
We are currently just past Kingston in the smokey valley of Nevada.  About 100 residents live here and most are retirees. 
But, hold on, there is actually a place to stay here that sounds really nice!
It is the Miles End Bed and Breakfast:

"Our Lodge sits on the Eastern slopes of the Toiyabe mountains in Big Smoky Valley, named for the natural haze that mists the valley.  The small town of Kingston, with it’s picturesque churches and general store is a quiet community.  The people who live here love the quiet lifestyle away from traffic and crowds.  The mountain vistas are gorgeous and harbor unlimited opportunities to hike, fish and hunt.  The canyons are full of wildlife, archaeological sites, ghost towns and a few hot springs."

 They offer gourmet dinners to the public once a month.  This month's dinner is:
It sounds like a great place to go if you were a hunter or wanted to see the smoky valley in Nevada or even if you were traveling though on your way to somewhere else....like Eastern Europe! LOL!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they also have a Kingston Jubilee on the first week of June!  Mark your calendars, it sounds like fun!

Watch for our Annual Jubilee next summer
Kingston Jubilee was a great success with excited winners for the raffle drawing, ATV poker run, and Horseshoe tournement.
We had 6 different musical talents, ribs, margarita beach, indian tacos,horseshoe tournemet, ATV poker run and movies in
the park. The central event was the Freakers Ball on Saturday night.
We will be having the Jubilee again next year! We hope to have more music and a rib cookoff. Next year's event will
be the 2nd weekend of July (July13, 14, 15).

PLEASE keep walking and send me your miles so we can walk on out of Nevada and move forward!  Thanks everyone!!!!!

October 19, 2011

True inspiration!

If any of you are new here and want to read more about our fundraiser click here!  I also want to welcome the students from BYU Hawaii that may be reading the blog.  Learn more about what this is all about by clicking on the tab up above labeled "Our family"  I am so excited to hear that there are college students that are willing to give of their time and energy to help bring our little ones home! 

We are continuing to walk and I have been touched by many of you out there that are walking with us and overcoming challenges of motivation as well as physical problems.  I am realizing that many of those that support us aren't doing so because they are rich or because they are athletes but rather because they truly embody the biblical story of The Widows Mite.  I am so touched to have had a chance to experience this story in real life!

I want you all to watch this video...it encompasses all that we are doing.  The importance of adoption, life in an orphanage, overcoming trials, and the motivation to succeed and get fit are all themes that will get you ready to be up and on your feet!  

For any of you that aren't on board yet but have been thinking about it....it is *not* too late to join us!  Considering that we are only in Nevada, I am guessing that we will be extending into November so that we can make it. 
The students in Hawaii have already planned all of their hikes to last until November 19th.  There are hikes planned for every Saturday through that date and they will be meeting at 9am at the Aloha Center.  Thanks to all of you!
So here is where we are at:
We traveled 14 miles today as a family coupled with all of you that have written in which equals to 20 miles.  So our total for today is 34 miles!

So we have now made it to.......hmmm, very appropriate for Halloween!  We are now in the Washington, Nevada Ghost Town!
If you were to visit there you would likely find wild horses there to greet you!

And, a couple of old buildings are the only remnants left of the old town.

They have been vandalized so there isn't much left.  Keep in mind that our "virtual" walk is taking us on the straightest path to the twins which means that we are not following any roads but going as the crow flies.   The roads out here are virtually unusable by car.  So, it is suggested that if you want to make it out here that you would need to walk or have an off road vehicle. 

Keep the miles coming!  Let's all get outside and enjoy the fall!!!

My deepest appreciation and the Middlegate Monster

We are continuing to Walk Across the World so click here to learn more if you are new to the blog....there is an Ipad 2 giveaway associated with our walkathon so, please participate if you are able!
As always, scroll down to the bottom if you don't have much time to see our progress!
I've been praying and praying lately....wherever I am.  I actually dropped to my knees in the laundry room the other morning and hoped that my children wouldn't find me and wonder what in the world was wrong with me! 

But, I can see that Heavenly Father is answering my prayers and is reaching out to all of you, prompting feelings that are motivating you to act,  and ultimately helping and blessing our twins.  I know where it is coming from and I have been shown what happens when I trust that God will help our family and I when I realize that I am not capable of doing this on my own. 

I have heard from someone new every day, that has completely surprised me and encouraged me in some way.  It always brings tears to my eyes!  I truly hope that my words sound genuine because they absolutely come from my heart.  It may seem silly to some but I seriously feel like a miracle has happened each time someone says that they want to help and walk, each time someone wants to donate, each time someone posts on the blog or on FB that they care and are praying for our family.  It all touches me to my core. 

And, those of you that have been following the blog for awhile know that I have really struggled with failing fundraising and frustration.  I am so thankful for that experience because I can now truly appreciate the magnitude of receiving help!

I truly believe that God has great plans for the two of them and that they are so loved by Him! 

Then I realize....God loves *all* of his children and He wants all of them to be loved and nurtured by a loving mom and dad within a greater supportive family.  He also wants us to do what is asked and what we know is right.

I have to remember this when sometimes I feel like logically, we are doing the wrong thing.  International adoption is expensive and it is hurting us financially....it is stressful and I already had plenty on my plate.....it is risky and there are no guarantees about their behaviors, health, or ability to do well as an adult.  I've heard a lot of anti-adoption stories and comments.  And, since we are not new to adoption we know there are trials to be had. 

And yet, I *know* that I am doing what God desires and it feels really right and good.  And, He has my full commitment that I will do everything I know how to do and even the things I don't know how to do in order to get them home!

We are continuing to move along!  Our family did another 20 miles and though I know that there are more of you out there doing the miles...the only ones I am certain of right now is a combined 13 miles of those that have messaged me and let me know.  So 33 miles brings us to:
Approximately....Middlegate, Nevada and according to one article I read....the equivalent of being completely out in the middle of nowhere!

So, a little history lesson!  Middlegate was an overland stage station that was used by the Pony Express in the 1800s.  It is also off of Lincoln Hwy which was the first coast to coast paved highway! 

The main attraction in Middlegate is the Middlegate Station. 

The restaurant here has been featured on the show Man vs Food for their Middlegate Monster hamburger.  Here is the description:

Have you ever tackled a monster? here is your chance, this super triple decker delight includes one pound lean beef, lettuce, pickles,
sauce, onions, tomatoes, cheese all served on a sourdough boule' with fries, eat the whole thing and be rewarded with a shirt proclaiming your victory, don't forget the eyeballs!

And, there is something about pinning your money to the ceiling but I guess you will have to go there to figure that all out!

Thanks everyone!  Keep the miles coming....don't forget to email me at rcwalker@succeed.net or add a comment to let me know how many miles to add!

October 17, 2011

Family Outdoor Evening

Monday nights are usually reserved for Family Home Evening but tonight we did our hike and made it into Family Outdoor Evening.  And, ummm, we almost needed to call it Family Outdoor *Night* as here was our last photo:

                            And we still had about a mile left to go when this picture was taken.

So, it was perfect for Halloween and more than a bit spooky...I was expecting a deer or skunk to pop out at any time!

But, we had protection!  Let me introduce our canine bodyguards.......
This is Finley our lab!  He's my baby and the most hair shedding dog I've ever known in my life!  We got him at the pound and he was vicious at the door of the kennel to everyone that walked by.  Except for me....and then he whined like crazy and tried to push himself through the bars to reach me.  He's my baby...oh, did I mention that already! :-)

This is Sizzles our Dachshund and Corgi mix!  She is named after the Doxie in the wonderful cartoon, Charlie and Lola (My absolute favorite!  A cartoon where the children are actually good and loving towards one another-highly recommended!)  Sizzles belongs to Emily, only because she chose her over anyone else in the family.  We got her while I was working as a social worker in a teen pregnancy program.  I was working with a teen who told me that she was going to take her to the pound.  I offered to help her find a home.....and guess who's home she found?!?  It actually wasn't my fault!  I sent her picture around at work and then sent one home for fun.  My husband called me at work and asked when I was bringing our new baby home!

This is Cookie our King Charles Spaniel!  He is Amelia's dog...she actually picked him out as a puppy from a breeder.  He is our first pure-bred dog and we got him so that Amelia could train him to be a therapy dog.  He was so calm and sweet and for the first time ever, we found a puppy to be actually enjoyable.  The unfortunate thing is that we have been busy spoiling him and he now has a peculiar affinity for chewing shoes and underwear.  Yeah, ahem, not super popular in a house full of girls.  But, he is the cutest little guy ever and I really am in love with this breed....and him!

Oh, and we also have another pet that likes to go on our walks....can you guess what it might be???

This is Gwen our beautiful kitty that was our inheritance when Robert's grandfather died.  She likes to trail us on every walk.  She is good at going incognito....

                                              But she's always there!

Tonight was a particularly good night...it was the perfect temperature and.....

                            It was a good night to be silly....... 

                          And, put your face into holes to find frogs........

                              It was a good night to make sand castles.....

                                                   And smiley faces!!

                It was a good night to get dirty!

                                                     Or was it?

It was a good night to be loved by Finley (which unfortunately involved sand in the eyes)

                                                  And, for piggy back rides!

                                     It was a great night!

We had two more donations today so the thermometer is continuing to rise!  Thank you so much!!!

We are excited to report that our daughter that is in the army has decided to walk on our behalf in Virginia and has already completed 30 miles over the last week!!!

We also heard from one of the followers of the blog that has gone one mile (with a promise of more!)

*And*, a family of 10 is going to be joining our Walk Across the World!

And, we put in another 20 miles as a collective group this evening!

So, we are now right on over that California border and well into Nevada....this is so exciting!

Here is where we are now....

We are just outside of Shurz, Nevada.  And, the most exciting part is that we are finally in a location that lists a population.  There are approx 720 people that live in Shurz Nevada and over 80% are Native American. 
They have a yearly Pinenut festival and even more importantly.....

They have a shoe tree!!!  I am not sure if it is intended that you go to add shoes to the tree or if you go to take them,  as the person who posted this picture found (and took) some Dorothy red ruby shoes and cowboy boots.  Maybe it is a shoe recycling tree?!?  Makes me want to actually go and see it!

Thanks everyone....til tomorrow......

October 16, 2011

Day 3-Suprises and progress!!!

The walk continues....Click here to learn what we are doing!  And, don't forget to scroll down if you don't have time to read my ramblings so that you can see where we are now...do you think we finally made it out of California???


What a great day we had today!!!  And, look at our fundraising thermometer!  We are making some progress and I am so grateful! 

There were two more donations that came in late yesterday (Both from friends I knew as a teenager....thank you! :-) and then today a complete surprise from a great friend and two young women at our church.  You will love this story!

I had noticed that a good friend of mine had posted on Facebook that she and her daughter and niece would be doing a bake sale for a good cause.  I actually felt a pang of empathy for them because I now know for the first time in my life how truly difficult it is to fundraise. 

I really wanted to help them out....but I knew that we are so strapped right now and I thought that I just couldn't do it. 

So, here is where I admit that I have never been a generous person.  (Ah, the guilt!)  I have always tried to be a kind person and I do tithe.  But, when it comes to supporting charities and giving to fundraisers, I have always just rationalized that I didn't know where the money would go and that was that.

I am truly embarrassed about this now and I know that Heavenly Father is teaching me. So, I thought some more and figured that I could take something out of what I would normally buy at the grocery store and I would go ahead and offer to help. 

Well, I didn't hear much back and was a little confused but didn't think too much of it.  But, I did offer to buy leftovers as I had seen someone else do.  (Remember I said I am learning....lol!)

So, when they walked towards me at church, I was thinking that they were bringing me a leftover treat from the bake sale.

But, what they were bringing was......

all of the donations!

The fundraiser was for our family and it was a surprise!  I was so overwhelmed and so thankful and *very* surprised (and fighting the tears)!   Two busy young women and a mom with more than plenty on her own plate had sacrificed their time and energy and got up at the crack of dawn in order to help our family.  And, boy did they ever!

I didn't even know until I got home what an amazing job they did.  I was so impressed! 

And so, I am finding that I am continuing to learn from those older....and those quite younger than myself.  Our deepest appreciation goes to them and their willingness to step up and be the hands and feet of God.  Thanks also,  to all of those who have so graciously donated thus far. 

I promise that I am changing and that I have made multiple promises in prayer that I will reciprocate the generosity that has been shown to our family. 

What a life changing opportunity this has been!

So, here is where we are....

Fredericksburg, California.....we are right on the border of California and Nevada!  Okay, we need more of you out here because at this rate, even if we walk every day, it would take us over nine months!  Please consider joining us! 

Here is a quick recap of how to join us:

1. Plan to walk more frequently or organize a longer hike...your choice. Or you could do both as our family plans to do!
2.Get sponsored-Please don't let this step be stressful....think of someone or several people that you know would love to hear that you are getting out with your family for a break or someone who loves a good cause. If you can put the sign up sheet somewhere where many folks can see it and it is simple for you to have them sign up, or you love networking and talking to all sorts of people about it then, that would be fantastic. If that makes it seem overwhelming, just try to get one sponsor that would enjoy seeing you take some time with your family or friends. We all have those people!
3. Lastly, get out there and enjoy the Fall!
I would truly appreciate pictures that you would allow on my blog as well if you are willing. We are planning to finish at the end of the month, but we will see where we are at.
Send me your miles as you go so you can help us move forward!

***I will be updating the blog daily with the progress we are all making and where we are in the virtual world in terms of our progress.  Join us, it will make it that much more fun!

October 15, 2011

Day 1&2 Let the walking begin!!!

Please join us on our walk no matter where you are from!!  With the support of many, the burden will be so light!  Click Walk Across the World  for more information.

Make sure you make it to the end or scroll down to the bottom to see how far we've gotten and where we are now!

What an answer to prayers this fundraiser has already been for our family! How many times do I have to be smacked upside the head to realize that God is infinitely smarter than I am and His way is *always* going to be the best way! 

So, we have already started walking every single day as a family.

There is a path right across the street from our house that leads to the river.

It is absolutely beautiful and we really haven't gone down there very often until this week....

The kids love it and ask every day (all day!) when we are going on our walk!
We've found very interesting feathers!

And, strange Dr. Suess bushes with the ability to use for a wig!

Most importantly, we're bonding and spending some great time together and making life long memories

Oh, and to include some honesty...... some of the memories include pain!

This is Mary's shirt, that was ripped off shortly after our hand holding picture above.

She was stung by red fire ants after laying on the ground to get that perfect picture.  Thankfully, she had a tank top on under her shirt.

Unfortunately, Eleanor did not!  But, she wanted to be just like Mary and said that she had ants too! (Don't worry, it was really warm outside)

UPDATE:  We have walked 63 miles collectively as a family so far!  So where does that put us?

In downtown (drumroll please!)

DARLINGTON, California!!! 

I was hoping to put a cute little picture and highlight a few things that you can do in this town....well, ummmm,
here is our picture:

Please help us get out of the middle of nowhere! (hee hee)

How much more were we able to fundraise?
$80 (hooray!)
Amelia was sponsored at $1 per mile!!!!
Robertson thinks he was sponsored at $2 per mile...but isn't sure (ha ha! We'll have to sort that one out...)
all of the children have been sponsored by their grandma! :-)

I will do my very best to update the blog *every* day so that we can have fun traveling together! 

Please  do consider joining us!  All you need to do is start walking or hiking and find one or many to sponsor you that would enjoy knowing that you are dropping all the pods, pads, phones and computers to spend real time with family or friends.  AND both you and your sponsors are entered to win an Ipad 2!  (I know, it is a little ironic!) 

Please do send pictures of your walk that you would be willing to have posted.  How fun will it be for all of us to see how others live and hike in their corner of the world!  Let's walk!!

Thanks to everyone willing to help and thanks to our Heavenly Father for His patience with me and for always *always* being there for everyone even when we don't always immediately recognize it!