October 27, 2011

Chocolate, Pineapple, and sand

We only have 5 more days of our Walk Across The World!  Plenty of time to get out there and walk, use the extra motivation of all of the fattening candy you are likely to be eating in just a few days! 

A quick update on the I800A form....we're still waiting......and waiting......and waiting!  This is the part that makes the activity of reading other adoption blogs fairly miserable.  I can't count how many people are saying that their form came through faster than it should have. :-(  Not ours! 

I am still hopeful that the twins will be home for Christmas, although each day that goes by makes it less and less likely.  Time to get back on my knees in prayer....


This post is proof that every family should spend more time outside together without other distractions.  I firmly believe that a big part of why Heavenly Father wanted us to do this fundraiser is for all of us to spend some much needed time with one another where we aren't feeling overwhelmed and pulled 500 different directions.

The start of our walk began with my parents bringing over an Edible Arrangement. YUM!  And, we decided to go on our walk and have a picnic with our beautiful fruits and chocolate.

We made it down to the sandy beach at the edge of the river.

And Eleanor went straight to the chocolate Halloween cat.

Much to our surprise, there was pineapple inside!  I have never had chocolate covered pineapple before but it was extremely good!
Eleanor made short work of it!

We all enjoyed chocolate and fruit.....

And then the sweetness and sugar kicked in....let the fun begin!

The children all wanted to show how running in the sand was like being on a treadmill

Then they decided to run up the hill and Amelia decided that she wanted to steal the show!

Don't worry, she was fine!  Hey, maybe she has a future as a stunt double!

There was a ton of laughter and merriment!  And, on the way back....we all felt glad to be together.
The water looked like glass across the top of the river, it was absolutely beautiful!

And, we saw a deer!  According to Robertson, it was huge with a full rack!  From what the rest of us could tell it was a very small and young doe.

It was too dark for the picture to turn out, but everyone agreed that it looked like a ghost.  So, as word has it, we came across a ghost deer!

A perfect Halloween tale to tell.......

Where are we on our "virtual" walk?

We were so happy to get out of remote Nevada but now it appears we are stuck out in the middle of nowhere in Utah!
We are now located in the Fish Springs National Wildlife Rescue.   I searched and searched to find something interesting about this location.

Here is the best that I could find (honestly!)

This little fish is called the Least Chub.  Bet you have never any heard of it before but it is on the brink of extinction.  Why? (Yes, you care!)  It is due to the introduction of mosquito fish in order to control mosquitoes.  The problem is that once mosquito fish are introduced they are almost impossible to get rid of and they threaten the survival of the Least Chub.

Okay, brief science lesson over....if you want to hear more about interesting places to visit in Utah, get out there and get walking!  LOL!  Thanks to all of you for your continued support.  Hopefully soon, I will be reporting that we got the I800A approval!


  1. Put me down for another 10 miles yesterday!

  2. Super cute video of the kids playing in the sand! Loved it! So with 5 fitness classes so far at 5 miles a class I am reporting 25 miles as of today. :O) Woohoo!

  3. I got another 2 in today.

    That's 12 miles closer to the twins this weekend!!!


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