October 21, 2011

We witness a miracle...

ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT!  Our first round of walkathons will end soon but there is plenty of time to still get out there and go on a hike!  We truly still need all of your support!  If you are walking in our (click here)Walk Across The World already....we are deeply grateful!  If you are still considering it...please know that it is so worth it!  I don't anyone that has been sorry to be outside more and enjoying the time with family and friends that we all lack.  Click on the tab above marked Fundraiser-walk to see the fliers and if you want them emailed contact me at rcwalker@succeed.net .  Please email me your miles as you walk or hike so that we can make our "virtual" progress across the world (see where we are at the bottom of this post)

Why help us?  Read this beautiful poem:

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life.
But those who make their journey home across time & miles,
growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,
are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us
by God's very own hands.
--- Kristi Larson

I had a busy day yesterday and was going the entire day.  Started at 5am and taught seminary.  Then volunteered at the hospital and painted with a tiny child with cancer. 

That is hard by itself but I couldn't paint a baby the way the child wanted me to....I just couldn't get the arms right!  I thought it needed elbows but that wasn't it, then I tried defining the fingers but that wasn't it either.  I made the arms longer and that only brought about more frustration and sucking of the thumb while curling up at the bottom of the bed.
I felt awful wishing that I could help...and get those arms right.  But then I thought, nothing seems right when a little one has cancer....maybe that was the problem. 
Got out late from volunteering and was late to a friend's house to pick up garage sale items.  Had a great visit and received some truly nice things!  Raced another half hour drive to take my oldest daughters (still at home) to their service club. 

Got a text from my husband saying that we were having the missionaries over for dinner unexpectedly.  Raced to the grocery store and raced the hour drive home.  Ate dinner and had a good time!
Wrote my seminary final for the next day and talked on the phone to my mom and my daughter in Hawaii.

I was so tired when I realized that I had not written the blog nor had anyone in our family walked the entire day!  ACK! 

Amidst the exhaustion and feeling a bit discouraged, I got a comment posted to my last blog! ;-)  More miles!  And, when I went to seminary this morning, another report of miles!  So we may not make it much farther into Nevada today but every mile counts for a lot!
We are currently just past Kingston in the smokey valley of Nevada.  About 100 residents live here and most are retirees. 
But, hold on, there is actually a place to stay here that sounds really nice!
It is the Miles End Bed and Breakfast:

"Our Lodge sits on the Eastern slopes of the Toiyabe mountains in Big Smoky Valley, named for the natural haze that mists the valley.  The small town of Kingston, with it’s picturesque churches and general store is a quiet community.  The people who live here love the quiet lifestyle away from traffic and crowds.  The mountain vistas are gorgeous and harbor unlimited opportunities to hike, fish and hunt.  The canyons are full of wildlife, archaeological sites, ghost towns and a few hot springs."

 They offer gourmet dinners to the public once a month.  This month's dinner is:
It sounds like a great place to go if you were a hunter or wanted to see the smoky valley in Nevada or even if you were traveling though on your way to somewhere else....like Eastern Europe! LOL!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they also have a Kingston Jubilee on the first week of June!  Mark your calendars, it sounds like fun!

Watch for our Annual Jubilee next summer
Kingston Jubilee was a great success with excited winners for the raffle drawing, ATV poker run, and Horseshoe tournement.
We had 6 different musical talents, ribs, margarita beach, indian tacos,horseshoe tournemet, ATV poker run and movies in
the park. The central event was the Freakers Ball on Saturday night.
We will be having the Jubilee again next year! We hope to have more music and a rib cookoff. Next year's event will
be the 2nd weekend of July (July13, 14, 15).

PLEASE keep walking and send me your miles so we can walk on out of Nevada and move forward!  Thanks everyone!!!!!


  1. Oh this is wonderful, to be able to share all the miles with everyone else, and only have to do the work for my own few miles.

    Thanks for posting the pics and info about Kingston, looks and sounds like a nice peaceful place to stop.

    BUT, let's get going folks, I can't wait to see where we go next!

  2. I was able to do another 7 miles today!

    It was nice to rest a while at the B&B but we'll have to head out before that Jubilee.

    You have such a big heart to do volunteer work with sick children. I've thought about it, but, even the thought of it has me near tears. I'm not sure it's helpful to have an adult there looking at them and openly weeping.

  3. I took the kids to a pumpkin patch today and we walked about 2 miles altogether -- which is 8 miles total (2 each for me and the three boys). Can't wait to see where you land next!


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