October 19, 2011

True inspiration!

If any of you are new here and want to read more about our fundraiser click here!  I also want to welcome the students from BYU Hawaii that may be reading the blog.  Learn more about what this is all about by clicking on the tab up above labeled "Our family"  I am so excited to hear that there are college students that are willing to give of their time and energy to help bring our little ones home! 

We are continuing to walk and I have been touched by many of you out there that are walking with us and overcoming challenges of motivation as well as physical problems.  I am realizing that many of those that support us aren't doing so because they are rich or because they are athletes but rather because they truly embody the biblical story of The Widows Mite.  I am so touched to have had a chance to experience this story in real life!

I want you all to watch this video...it encompasses all that we are doing.  The importance of adoption, life in an orphanage, overcoming trials, and the motivation to succeed and get fit are all themes that will get you ready to be up and on your feet!  

For any of you that aren't on board yet but have been thinking about it....it is *not* too late to join us!  Considering that we are only in Nevada, I am guessing that we will be extending into November so that we can make it. 
The students in Hawaii have already planned all of their hikes to last until November 19th.  There are hikes planned for every Saturday through that date and they will be meeting at 9am at the Aloha Center.  Thanks to all of you!
So here is where we are at:
We traveled 14 miles today as a family coupled with all of you that have written in which equals to 20 miles.  So our total for today is 34 miles!

So we have now made it to.......hmmm, very appropriate for Halloween!  We are now in the Washington, Nevada Ghost Town!
If you were to visit there you would likely find wild horses there to greet you!

And, a couple of old buildings are the only remnants left of the old town.

They have been vandalized so there isn't much left.  Keep in mind that our "virtual" walk is taking us on the straightest path to the twins which means that we are not following any roads but going as the crow flies.   The roads out here are virtually unusable by car.  So, it is suggested that if you want to make it out here that you would need to walk or have an off road vehicle. 

Keep the miles coming!  Let's all get outside and enjoy the fall!!!


  1. Oooh...a ghost town!

    Well, we're going to have to keep moving.

    Put me down for another 10 miles. 6 yesterday and 4 more today.


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