October 31, 2011

Last day of our October Walkathon!

Before I mention the fundraiser I want to do things a bit out of order.  I want to apologize for taking a few days away from the blog.   I am once again allowing myself to hear the voice of doubt.  I know where it is coming from and I know that the adversary would love to see us fail.  And, my poor husband is having to listen to me express worry and then he has to listen to me be upset because I am worrying and I shouldn't be!  <sigh>  He has been very supportive and said that I was human no matter how hard I tried to strive to do better.  I just wish I wasn't quite so human or that I wasn't buying in to those that have doubt or lack the desire to support us.  I am way more human than I wish to be!

And, then I received two comments on the blog from two wonderful and supportive people that are out there walking.  You can read them on my prior post.  I really think that we all truly underestimate the power and influence that we all can have on each other.  I truly thank them both for their enthusiasm and support!

 I saw this quote posted today on Facebook:

“When you say a situation or a person is hopeless, you are slamming the door in the face of God.” Charles L Allen

And that's it.  Period.

And, so I am back and blogging and working and striving to bring them home....I know....again.  I am just volunteering to be the poster child for all those of wavering faith.  Ack!

But, today marks the last day of our walkathon, so if you are trick or treating tonight, go an extra bit and reap the benefits of the extra candy!  Or forego the candy and do the extra walk knowing how much skinnier and healthier you will be! Ha!

Tomorrow, we will see how everyone did as I am hopeful that there are many more miles out there that are yet to be counted.

AND, we have truly gone a distance.....why in the world do I lose hope?!?

Where are we now on our virtual walkathon?
After all of our recent miles and those that have been reported to us...we have made it to.......

Elk Ridge, Utah!!!!

Home to about 2500 people and what looks like a really nice community.  The only problem that I had is that it was *so* nice that I had a hard time finding the interesting or unusual.  It was just a beautiful and super nice place to live.

But sometimes you find the unusual in the usual......

How about the small town community high school?  They have super fun teachers that are willing to be goofy and have a good time for the sake of the students:

I just know that I will be just like them tomorrow when the I800A comes in the mail, right?!?  Hey, I might even make a video of it!  Ummm, well, my children might have some reservations about that! LOL!!!
Till tomorrow!  Happy Halloween!


  1. Welcome to Utah! And hang in there, girl. It's all going to work out beautifully!!

  2. If you don't mind counting some November miles, I put in another 4 this morning!

    I understand the frustration. Our church does not seem big on supporting individual adoptions. They do a lot of work behind the scenes in their own programs (and it's great work) but, it can feel very lonely when you see how other churches rally around the members, have garage sales, bake sales, etc to help fundraise.

    I keep thinking if you were closer I could help you out with some of this stuff. And, then I realize, I'm not so unique (in spite of all my mom tells me). If I'm willing to help with this stuff (but can't because of distance) there has to be someone in your area that is also willing to help. The trick is finding those people (and not being afraid to ask them for help).

    Anyhow, if you can think of anything I can do from SoCal that will help, please let me know!


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