October 23, 2011

Leapin' Lizards!

We are so thankful for those of you that are supporting our family right now by getting out there and walking!   We still need bigger numbers but those of us that are walking, are pounding out the miles!   I wanted to mention that we have folks that follow this blog from around the world and I truly wish that we could get them coming along with us!  I have seen visitors from Australia, Sweden, Phillipines, Russia, Canada, Africa, Thailand, Guatemala, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Korea, Poland, France, and Israel!  Forgive me if I didn't mention your country as I am sure that I missed some!  It would be incredible to know that there are people across the world walking with us to get the twins!  Please email me at rcwalker@succeed.net to report that you are walking for us.  It is as easy as getting a few sponsors or even just one and getting out there and walking! Click here for details!  Scroll down to the bottom to see if we made it out of Nevada!
I have hinted that we see all kinds of things on our walks.  One of the main things that our children look for are all of the critters. 

On this particular hike, Amelia wasn't exactly looking for the lizard....he was, apparently, looking for her!

The girls were sitting on a gate just minding their own business and resting....

When the little lizard decided to come pay a visit to a very startled and unsure little girl!

Here is how the rest played out! (You might want to watch this twice to get the full effect of her complete panic and then the request to hold the lizard within a split second of each other!)

And, once she recovered, it was a moment to celebrate!
The most pressing question is.....Did we make it OUT of Nevada??? 

Sadly, no we didn't....BUT, we went the most miles yet...123 miles and we are now fairly close to the border in McGill Nevada!!!

There are 1000 people that live in McGill Nevada!  So we're not in a ghost town!  BUT, there is a ghost train that runs through from Ely:

There is also a Polar Express Train at Christmas time:

They actually have all sorts of fun special event trains like a Rockin' and Rollin' Geology train, BBQ train, Chocolate Express, 4th of July BBQ and Fireworks train, and you can even rent the entire train for functions like a wedding or family reunion! 
Here is their website:Nevada Northern Railway

There is also the McGill Drug Store Museum here:

 "The drug store itself closed in 1979. While the story of this drugstore might not vary significantly from many other older drugstores across the USA, what makes this one unique is that the store didn’t sell its inventory when it closed. Nor was the store gutted or destroyed while it sat empty. In the 1990’s, ownership of the store was transferred to the White Pine County Museum in order for it to be preserved and restored. Today, visitors to the museum will find a drug store the “way it used to be,” complete with a functioning soda fountain and 30+ year old products still on display. The museum is free to visit, too."

Thanks everyone for the continued support!  Surely we will make our way into Utah tomorrow!

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