October 4, 2011

Bacon and rain!

We had the greatest afternoon and evening together last night as a family and I *really* needed it!!! 

We had our first second (I've been corrected by my children!) rain of the season...it seems that fall has come to northern California! 

For those of you that don't live around here, we don't usually get much of any rain after about May and then all the way until about the end of October.  So, it is pretty darn exciting when it rains again! 

Because, after all rain is good for many things!

The rain is good for an excuse to break out the umbrellas:

The rain is good for cartwheels!

The rain is good for wearing winter clothes even when it's in the 70s (notice the bare feet!)

The rain is good for dancing

And jumping

And running

And posing(?)

The rain is good for riding bikes:

And for fixing them:

Rain is good for enjoying the outdoors:

Rain is good for fighting playing:

And, rain is always good for tasting!

And rain is good for bacon!!!

So how does bacon tie in?

Well, frankly I got it because I found some that was healthy "ish" that didn't have the normal nitrates and nitrites and it was on sale so I had bacon that I needed to cook.  I know, not that interesting...

But, we rarely ever eat bacon so it is something special.  The smell of bacon.....ahhhhhh, I wish I could send it through the computer (of course, some of you are glad that I can't!)

It reminds me of camping and getting up in the morning smelling the fresh outdoors and hearing the crackling of the individual strips.

It reminds me of staying with my grandparents and my grandma would make a full spread of homemade biscuits and blackberry jam or fresh honey, fried potatoes, eggs, orange juice, chilled well water (my grandfather would get from a friend), and of course bacon....or sausage or ham.  The memories of staying with my grandparents are some of the fondest childhood memories that I have.

So we made bacon..... and mashed potatoes with spinach:

fried zucchini that came fresh from one of our amazing church members' garden:

And even my gravy turned out!

So, I finished up with the cooking and went into the dining room with the food and I found this:

The children had lit the candles and there was actual peace in the room

It was an absolute answer to prayers!  Thank you Heavenly Father for a much needed break.  I can still smell the lingering bacony goodness this morning....


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. We received your rain today and broke out the umbrella's too. Of course, we were in are bare feet also :)

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  2. The pictures of tasting rain are too cute! It's raining up here in the redwoods too, I think I'm going to take my cue from the little ones. They have a wonderful way of putting things into perspective. :O)

  3. I have been working on a desing for our family to all have matching adoption shirts. It just hit me that we may be able to help your adoption by getting something I was going to do anyway!! I didn't see an e-mail contact and I wondered if you could print our design on tee's. Do you have the shirts? Cost ect?


  4. Katrina, dancing in the rain is always best with bare feet, eh?
    Thanks Donna...get our there and dance or pose or do cart wheels!

    Kristy, I would *love* the opportunity to do some shirts for your family! Email me at rcwalker@succeed.net Thanks so much for thinking of us!

  5. I love your pics and the wonderful celebration of rain and bacon your family shared. You are all so cool!

    Bacon always reminds me of camping as a kid, and I loved that my dad was always the "cooky", so mom got a break from it. What fun memories, thanks!!


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