October 15, 2011

Day 1&2 Let the walking begin!!!

Please join us on our walk no matter where you are from!!  With the support of many, the burden will be so light!  Click Walk Across the World  for more information.

Make sure you make it to the end or scroll down to the bottom to see how far we've gotten and where we are now!

What an answer to prayers this fundraiser has already been for our family! How many times do I have to be smacked upside the head to realize that God is infinitely smarter than I am and His way is *always* going to be the best way! 

So, we have already started walking every single day as a family.

There is a path right across the street from our house that leads to the river.

It is absolutely beautiful and we really haven't gone down there very often until this week....

The kids love it and ask every day (all day!) when we are going on our walk!
We've found very interesting feathers!

And, strange Dr. Suess bushes with the ability to use for a wig!

Most importantly, we're bonding and spending some great time together and making life long memories

Oh, and to include some honesty...... some of the memories include pain!

This is Mary's shirt, that was ripped off shortly after our hand holding picture above.

She was stung by red fire ants after laying on the ground to get that perfect picture.  Thankfully, she had a tank top on under her shirt.

Unfortunately, Eleanor did not!  But, she wanted to be just like Mary and said that she had ants too! (Don't worry, it was really warm outside)

UPDATE:  We have walked 63 miles collectively as a family so far!  So where does that put us?

In downtown (drumroll please!)

DARLINGTON, California!!! 

I was hoping to put a cute little picture and highlight a few things that you can do in this town....well, ummmm,
here is our picture:

Please help us get out of the middle of nowhere! (hee hee)

How much more were we able to fundraise?
$80 (hooray!)
Amelia was sponsored at $1 per mile!!!!
Robertson thinks he was sponsored at $2 per mile...but isn't sure (ha ha! We'll have to sort that one out...)
all of the children have been sponsored by their grandma! :-)

I will do my very best to update the blog *every* day so that we can have fun traveling together! 

Please  do consider joining us!  All you need to do is start walking or hiking and find one or many to sponsor you that would enjoy knowing that you are dropping all the pods, pads, phones and computers to spend real time with family or friends.  AND both you and your sponsors are entered to win an Ipad 2!  (I know, it is a little ironic!) 

Please do send pictures of your walk that you would be willing to have posted.  How fun will it be for all of us to see how others live and hike in their corner of the world!  Let's walk!!

Thanks to everyone willing to help and thanks to our Heavenly Father for His patience with me and for always *always* being there for everyone even when we don't always immediately recognize it!

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