October 12, 2011

Walk across the world!

I have a call to action to all those that are reading this blog....and I promise that it will be easy, fun, and worthwhile!

Moreover, I'm hoping it is something that each and every one of you will feel like you can do.  I want it to be simple and benefit everyone...a true win-win situation!

I have made the silly comment that if I could just walk to go get the twins, I would start today! 

  There are 5,733 miles between us and our twins....clearly I'm going to need some help!

I am hoping that you will all be willing to go on a virtual and somewhat literal walk with our family so that we *can* go across the world to our twins!  I know it will be great fun if most everyone participates....or I get to be Charlie Brown again, and no one wants to hear me whine, right?!? (My daughter Mary proofread this and said that she suffers the most so please help us!)  LOL! 

So here is the fast and easy directions (more details to follow) but I want to get you hooked first! :-)
  1. Make a commitment to go on a family/ friend group hike and/or to walk a certain amount of miles by the end of the month (every day/2x a week/1X per week etc)  You Choose!!
  2. Calculate how many miles you plan to walk/run/zumba/crawl by the end of this month(the total for all of the members of your group.  So if 5 people go on a 1 mile hike...you have completed 5 miles! -Even if you have little ones and stroll around the neighborhood and multiply that by 3 or more...you will get to a mile in no time!)
  3. Send me an email at rcwalker@succeed.net letting me know the miles and where you are located (let me know if you want to be anonymous or if it is ok to list your last name on the blog.  It will be sooo fun to hear where all of you are at!)
  4. Get some sponsors or merely sponsor yourself (Click on fundraising tab to see the form-email me at rcwalker@succeed.net and I will send you the file)-they could give as low as a dollar for the whole hike or month. Or they could give per mile, or a flat $20 or $50 or $100 or as much as they felt in their heart they had to give.  This way, if you are broke...like we are, surely you know *someone* who might sponsor you for a good cause.  Or several people that will kick in a dollar or two?
  5. Let them know that they are entered to win an Ipad 2 and possibly other prizes that will be added!! (I would welcome any donations of fun prizes or gifts)
  6. SEND PICTURES!!!!! (I will be posting every day to update the progress towards the twins and will tell you what location we have arrived at)  Can you imagine how fun it would be to see families, friends, their pet lizard....everyone walking!
  7. So, how does this benefit everyone?
    Well, wait until you start spending time with your loved ones and smelling the fresh autumn air!  The rewards will be sweet because you will have the motivation and mojo and we will feel like every day, we are getting closer to our little ones!!!
    Walking them home even if it is one penny at a time!
**Do you realize that if we had 500 people head out for a hike and merely raised $25 each...we would have enough money for the first trip!  I truly think we can do it, if I can have just a little help.  And, you can have a great time with your loved ones while knowing that you are helping some very deserving twins find their way home!  Please ask if you have any questions, I will check in frequently!


  1. Hey so where is the fundraising tab?? This may be a stupid question, but I can seem to find it haha :)

  2. I fixed it! It definitely wasn't your lack of ability to find it!


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