January 6, 2012

23 days to go!

This is going to be a brief check in because once again I am blogging at night and feeling a bit more than exhausted. 

I did want to announce that I am finished with the flyer for our Costa Vida fundraiser and would love to send it to all of you that are local in the greater Yuba City area.  Just send me an email over to rcwalker@succeed.net and I will try to get it to you as soon as I can.  The fundraiser is the 14th and is all day!  I am amazed at how generous they are being with the time as well as the 20% of the proceeds.  Please keep supporting this great restaurant!

We are also still taking donations of garage sale items so please let me know if you have anything.

I'm continuing to feel extremely grateful and hopeful....I want this feeling to last and last...lol!  I just know that I am on the roller coaster ride that makes up international adoption.  So, there is always some dips but for now it feels good to feel good! 

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