January 16, 2012

An answer to prayers!!!!!!!!!!!

<Quick Edit:  I also wanted to add that our Ipad 2 drawing is next week!!!  Adeye has additionally offered an entry to win a $250 Walmart gift card with a donation of $20.  Please consider helping us, we are so grateful for every donation!>

I am so excited that I can hardly type this post!!!!  I have been praying and praying that we could find the last bit of help that we need to at least make this first trip.  And, we are working and working as hard as we can to make it happen....but we are still short and time is running out. 

But, this time, instead of feeling like Charlie Brown and worrying...I have continued to pray and work, pray and work and I have just known and finally had the faith that God was going to answer our prayers and not leave the twins waiting......

This morning after more prayers and asking for guidance on the week that lay before me, I had the full knowledge that we had to fundraise the rest of the funds this week in order to obtain the cash and prepare for our travel......I was prompted to go to FB at nearly the exact moment that Adeye had posted on her very popular blog about her willingness to help adoptive families that were in dire need of raising the last bit of funds. 

My heart raced out of my chest as I raced to her blog so that I could add our family!!!!

I am in tears with gratitude for our amazing God who answers prayers and loves us all and helps the little children that are so in need of the love of family!!!!!

I am so thankful for Christ's example of love for children and knowing how to follow Him!


  1. I accidentally added you again. I didn't realize you were on there already and since she was only taking 20 families I was worried I wouldn't get to you in time so I posted it not realizing you were already on there. I sent her a comment asking her to take it off and explaining the situation. So if you notice it on there twice right now, sorry.

    Praying for your sweet family.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  2. Donated!! Please enter me in the iPad giveaway!
    Praying for your journey to the twins...we are adopting internationally, too, from China!

  3. I donated and would appreciate the chance to win the iPad, thank you for what you are doing, hopefully we can someday too. We have tried, but are currently in the Air Force and just move too much.


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