January 16, 2012

Day 13-Roller Coaster Ride downturn-no grant?

Today has been a roller coaster ride starting with the answered prayer of having our blog posted on Adeye's great blog with 19 other families who need help with the last minute expenses of their adoption.  And, we received $60 in donations today! :-)  We are extremely grateful and happy to have a few more participants in our Ipad 2 giveaway.

Then, we found out that the grant we were up for this month, and that we truly and completely need...that gives priority to those who are traveling soon...decided to postpone our review until February.  And, unfortunately, that will be too late.   I have gone through every emotion today but I am determined to not get too discouraged.  I know that somehow there will be a way....I will keep on working and praying.....


  1. Happy to help out with a small donation, and hoping many readers do likewise. God bless.

  2. HIIII!! I'm a mama who lives in China. My family and I foster 3 HIV positive babies! How amazing that you are taking in these kiddos!! I would love to know more! It is so rare for people to take these beautiful babies! Awesome!


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