January 19, 2012

The 10 day countdown starts!

I wish I could say that we were focused on getting packed and prepared and ready.  I am, somewhat thinking about those things but certainly not able to focus yet....

We are still trying to fundraise at the last little bit here...and I have thought of another way that any of you that might be willing to help could consider.  I do auctions on ebay fairly regularly as it is another part of our business and how we keep afloat.  I am going to do some marathon ebaying over the next few days which will likely mean no sleep for awhile.

I think I can do it as I don't typically need that much sleep....and, well, I can sleep a really long time when we get on the plane, right?!?  ;-)

So, if any of you might be willing to check out our various auctions, I would be so thankful!  There won't be as much up now as there will be by tomorrow so be sure to check in as I "power list".   You will also likely note that the items I am listing are truly varied and some are downright strange.  These are mostly not things from our household but items that were donated to us for the yard sale or items that I have picked up from thrift stores and estate sales over the years that I knew would sell...even if they are strange! ;-)

Go to ebay and then click on this link which should take you to my specific listings.  Also, if you want to find me again,  look for the search box on ebay and then find the "advanced" search tabs and put in under seller: walnutgrovetraditions and you should find us. 

The drawings for the two Walmart gift cards totalling $500 will be held next Wednesday at Adeye's blog and our Ipad 2 contest is scheduled for Monday the 23rd.  I will also consider a bid on our ebay items as a way to enter the contest...(also remembering that we will allow you to enter our contest other non-monetary ways-see the blog post below)

Please consider helping...we really do need the help or I promise that I wouldn't ask, and we appreciate it more than words can possibly express (although I will certainly be trying! :-)  Sending love and appreciation to all of you who are sharing our journey!

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