January 21, 2012

Days 9 & 8-A day late and some dollars short, lol!

I'm behind again but I know why!  We had a lot of upheaval yesterday as life continues to march forward independent of the adoption process. 

We got a call late in the night from my daughter in Hawaii the night before last.  Those late night phone calls start the heart racing before you can even pick up the phone!  She is okay but it raises further health concerns and I, for one, would love to have her move back closer to home.  Of course, if I were to admit my bias...no matter what, I would love to have her move back closer to home! 

And, of course, after a lot of waiting...my husband is being called by several agencies to finish up the last stages of the hiring process for police officer.  This entails travel, (*expense*) and a lot of stress on our family right now when we are so close to leaving.  But, don't take this as complaining....I promise that I will fall on my knees in thankful prayer and sobbing when he gets a job!  It is truly hard to have a home business in this economy and even harder when health insurance rates cost the amount of another mortgage payment.  Oh, and even harder when you are trying to follow God's promptings and complete a *very* expensive adoption at the same time!

But, I know that Heavenly Father is with us and I see His hand so clearly in what is happening lately....nearly every day, I see and feel his love and help.  It might not be the way that I want it....like money dropping from the sky,  the phone ringing off the hook with job offers, and an immediate happy ending, lol....but, He is here....there is no denying it!  And, God knows that there would be no growth without the struggle....and I actually am truly thankful for that.  Our entire family has grown in appreciation of the very smallest of things.  And, I know that we will have much more compassion for those who struggle....because we have felt it and it is now very real to us.

So, the plan is to get some more ebay listings up today as it really is the last day that I can have the time still to get the items shipped out before we leave.  And, I'm trying again to sell our industrial upholstery sewing machine...it is a small market and a big expense so it is a little tougher to sell. 

But, the money has been ordered from the bank (the twin's country requires clean bills or it costs more for the exchange due to their fears of counterfeit) and we will figure out a way to have this amount by Friday so we can leave the Sunday after next.  It just has to work....

OH!  I almost forgot...the Ipad 2 drawing is to be held in two days!!!!!!  Would it be possible for any of you to repost on your blog or on Facebook and encourage a few more folks to donate, link, or pray for us?  The $500 gift cards for Walmart are still up for grabs at Adeye's blog as well...just head over to her blog after donating here and she will enter you.  Thanks everyone! :-)


  1. Try posting about your giveaway here

    http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/ I haven't had any donations but don't have a giveaway going on right now. I have had about 500 hits a day on my blog since I linked up so maybe it might help you.

    Good luck.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  2. Thanks Katrina!! There have been many more visitors, it is a very popular blog! And thanks to you nyxfae...extremely appreciated! Things are still moving along! :-)


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