January 27, 2012

Days 3 and 2!!!! Almost ready!!!!

Sorry about no update yesterday...I intended to blog just before bed but once I settled in, it was game over!  The good news is that our adoption agency had said that it was common to not sleep for three days before you leave....so I am thankful to still be able to sleep!

Yesterday, I was packing and packing some more. I have packed so many things for the twins like play doh, glow sticks, window markers, bubbles, face paint/makeup, dress-up, sippy cups that can be used while the twins are being held to help simulate the baby stage and thus help with bonding, and of course some new cute coordinating clothes.  (just in case you were thinking this doesn't look too promising...I plan to take the playdoh out of the cans and I will repack the suitcase...just wanted to localize the items and get a weight)

I've also packed some gifts for those that assist with the adoption as well as various medicines, hand sanitizer, emergency toilet paper, and a first aid kit. 

Hmmm, what is missing?  I haven't found anything for myself yet!  Whoops!  It's just that it is not very fun or exciting....but I guess I might want to look decent for court....

I have spent most of today on the road and shuttling childen to and  from classes so I am afraid I have gotten much less done than I was hoping.  But, I did find some beautiful gift bags for the presents.  I still have many errands left to do and I have homeschool records to turn in to their teacher before we leave.

I have ONE day left....tomorrow is my last chance to get anything done because we leave *early* Sunday morning!  Right now, I feel good about it....tomorrow I will probably be singing a different tune.  Actually, if I am singing at all, I will know that either I am in really good shape or I have completely lost it! :/

Please be praying for us as we make our last preparations and know that I am still so extremely thankful for all of your support....we couldn't have gotten this far without so many of you helping us! :-) 

Oh, one other thing you might pray for....as you know, we are Californians and the first day that we arrive in the twin's country is supposed to have a low of -1 degrees!  I am shivering just thinking about it.....and, no one is allowed to make fun of us! ;-)  I promise to try to have a good attitude about it.....


  1. Yeah! How are you even blogging right now?! We're in CA, too and would LOVE to meet your littles once they are all settled in.


  2. Thinking about you SO MUCH and just rejoicing to see the Father's blessing over your lives. Cheering you on precious Cynthia! What a grand adventure our King has you on!!! I cannot wait to hear the updates.
    Much love,


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