January 7, 2012

Bathtub fun on Day 22

I am so excited!  Someone voted for me on the Top Mommy Blogs and we are now showing up on their page.  Which means more visitors and a possibility that we will have some more participants in our Ipad 2 giveaway which will occur in approx two weeks!  Please, pretty please, click on the Top Mommy Blog picture at the bottom of my blog to vote for us! :-)

Today was mostly spent in trying to get the word out about our two fundraisers on the 14th.  We will have a restaurant fundraiser at Costa Vida. They have graciously offered us the entire day to fundraise and will give us 20% of the proceeds *if* you bring in a flyer so please email me at rcwalker@succeed.net to get your flyer! I would be so thrilled if anyone reading this blog knows other folks in Yuba City and would help us to spread the word.

Also, we are having the yard sale on the same day....yes, it will be a long day!  We will be splitting up and after the initial yard sale set up we will have half of the family go and put out flyers in the Walmart parking lot and half (or maybe just my poor husband) stay to man the yard sale.  He enjoys working the crowd and finding things they can't live without....and all the little old ladies love him!  He has always been that way since I've known him at age 18. :-)

So, I ended up the day still in pajamas...yuck!  I decided it was time to head for the tub and a warm soak....my two year old thought that I needed company and said that *she* needed to relax!  Even though in the beginning I might have preferred some solitude, I ended up being so thankful that she had such a good idea! 

We soaked up the marvelous heat and sang made up songs about walking frogs and where we could go.  Then, Eleanor decided that she needed to wash her face and put thick layer of soap from the middle of her chin straight up in a line that went up and over her nose. 

She announced that she was going to wash it off which I thought was a great idea until she reached over the razor and began to shave off her lips!  One loud shout later, she decided that probably wasn't what she wanted to do after all. 

Then she leaned in close and very seriously stared me in the eye.  She said "Mommy, *don't* stare at my ears!!!!!!!  They are stinky!!"

She is such a funny little character and I'm so thankful for our relaxing bath....it was just what I needed tonight.


  1. Yesterday the little one we were hoping to adopt (but did not have the funds to commit to yet) found her forever family. Since I won't be going any time soon I have donated to your twins. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. God Bless.

  2. I love reading the wonderful wit and wisdom of toddlers! Your Eleanor must be such a character, I wanna just squeeze her stuffin's out when I see her, but I'm pretty sure she'd be scared for life from the "crazy old church lady" (hmmmm, isn't that special?)
    So, I'll just keep admiring her from afar! lol


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