January 13, 2012

Lions, and tigers, and 16 days to go, oh my!

The first thing I have to point out is...look at the thermometer!!!  It is starting to climb!  I am extremely grateful........

I started to blog today and realized that I actually wasn't sure how much time we had left....it has been that busy around our house.  And, then the realization of only 16 days......Crikey!

It is game time....and nearly non-stop at our house right now!

It is to the point that every hour that I am able to sleep, I appreciate beyond measure.  I think God has proven his point to me when I made the mistake of saying that I disliked having to sleep and thought of it as a necessary evil.  I truly enjoy a lot of activity and thrive on spontaneity and at least having the illusion that I am being productive.  So, I have wished in the past that I didn't need to sleep and could just continue buzzing around.   But, I now know to appreciate and relish every wonderful minute that I can just lay in bed and have a quiet house and a quiet mind. 

So, anyway,  back to buzzing!  Today is the day before our two fundraisers.  They are the last and final local fundraisers before we travel.

The Yuba City Costa Vida fundraiser is ALL day and all you have to do is bring in a flyer that
looks like this:
I suppose if you can figure out how to copy/paste from the blog you could just use this one but if you need to please email me at rcwalker@succeed.net and I will attach it.

The yard sale will also be ALL day at my parents house in Yuba City.  The yard sale we did last month ended with my husband still outside talking to people in the *dark*! :-) 

We have SO MUCH STUFF!!!!! Many families have donated and we are very appreciative!  We would still welcome anything else someone wanted to offer.   Please consider stopping by if you are in the area because there will likely be something that you just can't live without! LOL!  Please email me for the address if you need it....

I think that will have to be it for now....I will post some pics of all the "fun" and craziness tomorrow!

OH, I almost forgot to mention, if you are far away from all of this merriment, please consider joining our Ipad2 giveaway.  Scroll down to my prior posts and you will learn all about it! :-)

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