January 18, 2012

Day 11-A day of uplifting hope

Today was a good day...no particular reason except that I visited with a good friend who helped remind me of the priorities and that money is just money....family is forever!  She reminded me to look at the big picture every time that the adversary was trying to plant seeds of worry and doubt. 

Then, I went to my mailbox and found the kindest letter there with a $50 donation.  I won't disclose her identity or all of the letter but I just found her words to be so true and righteous.  She said:
 "We have to be the hands on this earth to do the Lord's work, and take care of each other.  You are going the extra mile by giving two of God's little ones a home and love, and be taught His gospel." 

I also got an email from someone who did an online donation who wrote:
"I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog and getting to read about your journey. My husband and I are going into the foster care system hoping to adopt so it is a bit of an education for us reading about what others are going through. I am praying that everything comes together for you guys quickly......your story touched my heart and the faith in which you are standing on is a testament to your faith and love for God."
If any of you ever wonder if your words mean something to those you attempt to uplift.....know that often it is much more far reaching than you ever know.  I can't speak for all adoptive families but I can speak for us and some days it means *everything*....thanks to so many of you who have nearly carried me through the harder days.....

Tomorrow starts the official 10 day countdown....Lord, please steady my legs!

** The giveaway on Adeye's blog is still going until next week...if you donate $20 or more to our adoption you will be entered to win our Ipad 2 as well as two gift certificates to Walmart totalling $500! Be sure to go back to Adeye's blog and follow her instructions to enter(Remember that you can also enter just our contest without any monetary expense if you just can't afford to, by linking, posting, or prayer for our family)...Sending love and thanks! :-)

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