February 6, 2012

Living a month in a day....

Wondering if anyone relates to this?  The important moments in your life have sooo much living packed into them...it is both challenging and rewarding all at the same time.  You are also keenly aware that you are laying a foundation of memories that you will  never ever forget. 

The twins are truly beautiful children both inside and out....and I *really* mean that.  They have done the most amazingly kind things that you just would never imagine from four year old children!  They love and care for each other with such tenderness and true altruistic love.  I. always makes sure that K. has exactly as much treats as he has.  He makes sure that she is okay and taken care of and even praised her (he has learned to say "good job!") and smoothed her hair over her forehead.  And, K. makes it a point to go over and give him a hug and kiss before bed.  They are also both very affectionate which is going to really help with bonding. :-)

We had about a day of the true honeymoon period and then it quickly ended.  I think that it has several sources but one of the most difficult hurdles we have had is the *weather*.  It is extremely cold here and is getting into the -20 degree range.  When you go outside, the inside of your nose freezes and your face feels as if it has been slapped around.  As much as we love our apartment, it does not provide enough space or opportunity for recreation for active four year old twins.  And, once I started seeing their behavior turn on us, I thought that what we needed to do more was offer more of a routine and nap time etc. which actually required more time inside.  That backfired on us in a big way and was leading to them kicking and hitting over simple tasks like getting dressed.  And, of course, there was definitely no napping that day. :(

So, we switched gears and decided to get out more and just try to find pleasant activities and ways to play and have fun.  So, that evening, we went to a very touristy restaurant that has all sorts of different activities.  If it were warmer, there would even be carnival rides available.  Believe it or not there were people that were using the ice skating rink.   BRRRRRR!!!!  I cannot even imagine it, frankly.  Five minutes outside and I am done!  If you all are thinking how much of a wimp I am....admittedly, we are used to the weather in California....but just come and try it first before you judge! LOL!

Anyway, we had a *wonderful* dinner!  It was like a Hometown Buffet type place but it had much better food and so many more options.  We tried many new foods that were extremely good.  They had pork shishkabobs that reminded me of my childhood days when we would go to festivals at the Greek Orthadox church nearby.  Sooooo good!!!  The children ate like there was no tomorrow and we had to play the "chew, chew, chew" game so that they didn't choke.  They had their cheeks stuffed like little chipmunks.

Then, we found a little children's play area that had the ball play area like at a McDonalds and all sorts of other fun things to do.  They are set up for parents to leave their children which was somewhat unfortunate because I would have rather stayed to play with them but, I will admit it was a nice chance to let them enjoy themselves while Robert and I talked and rested a bit over some hot chocolate. 

After about a half hour, a live band started to play and we thought the twins would enjoy it so Robert went to get them.  They loved it!  Without hesitation, they gave us their balloons, and took each other's hands and headed to the dance floor!  I'm working on a slideshow (trying to play the game of maintaining the required confidentiality while still showing their cuteness...hard but I think it will be possible) that depicts our first days here and will include a video clip of them dancing.  It was adorable!

On Saturday, we went to an indoor water park that was the best I have ever been to!  We had a fabulous time!  We were able to link up with another adoptive family that is here.  They are the nicest and kindest people and it really hit me how wonderful adoption can be.  It is hard....sometimes really, really hard for both the children and for the adoptive parents and yet it is also so beautiful to bring children that are so in need of family and love to find the open arms of such loving people to take them in.

Our day at the water park went perfectly....I. was able to expend a ton of energy with all sorts of new things to do....and he LOVES water!  I thought I already had kids that loved water but they still would hesitate at the age of four to get their whole face in the water or to have it poured directly over their face and head!  He does not care at all and has absolutely no fear of the water.  He and my husband spent the day together in the deep water of the wave pool and running around the pirate ship shooting each other with water cannons and celebrating fast trips down the slides!

K. on the other hand is much more careful and watchful and wants to be sure that things are safe before she just jumps in.  So, we spent a lot of time at the shore of the wave pool or in shallow and calmer areas.  It was a wonderful way to bond...lots and lots of holding and hugs....and her wanting to be, and feeling safe in my arms.  One of my favorite memories is when she was playing around a pirate ship and there is a big bucket of water that dumps out when it is full and it scared her.  Guess what she did?  Well, let me first say that she didn't automatically run to her brother this time...she immediately looked up (which means it was split second and instinctual) and yelled with fear in her voice,  "Mommy!!!" while reaching out for me.  I have never been happier to scoop a child up into my arms! :-)

I need to end this and just get used to blogging a little every day again.  I promise that I am working on a slideshow so that you can get at least a peek at what amazing cuties they are!  Keep the prayers coming.....we still really need and appreciate them.


  1. That last part made me cry. Bonding is such a hard yet rewarding process in adoption. Love when there are good days. The water park sounds like a blast. I can't imagine even thinking about going to one when it is sooo cold out there but I guess having it indoors is a big perk.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  2. What a wild ride! I'm sure it's even more intense and draining than we can imagine. But you're so great at writing. I was really feeling the energy and how much everyone will be so exhausted by the time you get home. They sound so sweet, and like they are handling it quite well for 4 yr. olds, I'm sure it's pretty scary for them when they aren't busy keeping busy, yet the beautiful magic is happening! Not magic, blessings, God's tender mercies.
    I still pray for your whole family every night and am sure there are many others who are as well. Keep up the wonderful work Mommy and Daddy! Love & Misses, Dalene

  3. Wonderful update! That water park sounds great.


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