February 16, 2012

What I have learned about twins!

I have decided that if I am going to keep track at all of our early time together that I will have to just start blogging at least a little bit every day if possible.  I'm going to try more of a brief outline format today to make my brain believe that I can do it! :-)

I will start with what I have learned about twins:
1.  They have an invisible magnet....if you have one twin, the other will follow
2.  They take turns in being challenging...usually when one is angry or upset, the other one is smiling and peaceful like a golden angel!
3.  They have boundless energy that can be shared or borrowed from one to the other...often resulting in both magically turning into animals such as dogs, cats, or horses
4.  They are eachother's best friend and favorite playmate and they share with eachother as though they are the same person
5.  They show each other altruistic love that you often only see between mom and baby
6.  If one is running away....secure the twin closest to you first, and then send the other parent running.  If only one parent is available, cheerily pick up one twin and run together...if the other twin hears laughter, they will probably stop and come to see what they are missing!
7.  They are adorably cute and very loveable!

Here are some wonderful end of our evening pics of the day.  We had some challenges getting them into their snow gear as we left the apartment of another adoptive family who had us over for dinner.  So, I dreaded the walk home and was worried that it might be a better idea to call a taxi.  But, we started out since it was a relatively short walk and it was wonderful!

It was peaceful and actually fairly warm compared to the bitter cold we have experienced.  Robert and I. were ahead of myself and K.  She was singing and then practicing her English by joking around with me and saying "STOP!"  There was a quiet lull for a moment and as we walked on, I enjoyed the slushy sound of our footsteps.  Then I noticed a soft fluttering sound next to us.  I should have been startled but it was such a gentle sound that I merely turned my head to see.....DUCKS!!!!  K. and I both laughed to see several ducks flying up on the snow filled banks and then waddling a step or two and then sitting.  Then they would walk and sit again.  I called to Robert and I. and then realized that a huge flock was flying and landing right next to them!  Thankfully we had taken some cheerios with us just in case a snack was needed and so we stood....in the quiet stillness of a warmer winter evening feeding ducks in the darkness and snow.  They would waddle and sit...waddle and sit.  Robert thought that they were warming their little feet.  They happily quacked and gobbled the cheerios and the twins beamed from ear to ear.  I. helped Robert to feed but K. only wanted to smile and watch and make quacking sounds with me. 

I adore these simple peaceful moments......


  1. Beautiful memories.

    Also, the fact that they love each other so much makes it that much sadder that people were only inquiring about adopting one and not the other.

    It's such a blessing that God sent your family to adopt them together!

    1. This is so true Jessica! I cannot even begin to imagine the trauma that would have been caused by their separation. They are such a huge support system for one another...and the bottom line is, they truly and completely love one another.
      Thank you for your kindness and support to our family! It is due to you and others like you that we are here!


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