February 20, 2012

American Eskimo dreams....

Last night's dream was another interesting one....and yes, I have been dreaming a lot lately!  I think it is more that I am remembering them because I am not sleeping as well being away from my own bed at home.  So, I dreamt that we finally made it home and I was so excited to be back! 

I knew that I had brought something very important back from Eastern Europe and reached into the car and pulled out two.........

American Eskimo dogs!!!

This is truly one of my favorite breeds of dogs.  But, once I was showing the dogs to the children...I got really confused and I became very aware that it wasn't the dogs that were important or what I was supposed to bring home.  I felt like something was truly missing and wrong.....

I then looked back into the car and there were our precious twins!!!!  I was sooooo happy and excited that we had them and was completely relieved!

Now, I'm going to blame this dream on my brother in law.  I think I have mentioned before that a love for animals runs through the family and my sister, mother, and myself have all rescued many a cat or dog and had them spayed or neutered and then found other homes for them... or they just settled right in to our house before we could say otherwise!  So, when we were talking about international adoption, my brother in law good naturedly joked that if they were to try to adopt internationally, that they would come home with cats!  He jested that they would say....well, we had many hardships and traveled many miles but we were able to find a wonderful cat!  Ha ha! 

It is likely also because I. reminds me sooo much of my brother in law.  And, it is really helpful, because he is a very good father and wonderful husband to my sister and just an all around funny and good guy.  So, it is quite endearing for me to look upon I. and "see" my brother in law in his looks and personality.  It has helped with the bonding despite our behavior challenges. 

So, thanks goes out to my brother in law today for an odd dream and a chance to laugh at ourselves!

Anyone else have a different interpretation?

This week will finally be very busy and we are on a serious countdown for home!!!  Court is tomorrow where we hope to be given temporary custody in order to "host" them at home.  Then, the next day, it is on to the US embassy doctor and then on to the US embassy for visas the next day and then we head out for London...and the next day HOME!!!!  So about four more days....so excited! :-)


  1. So glad you are nearing the end of your trip and that you will soon have the twins home! YEAH!

  2. Thank you Heather! You have been such an inspiration to me! I even remember your words about bonding with a child from the pictures and then bonding with them in reality....many many things that I have learned from reading your blog. Thank you for your insights because it has helped me a lot! :-)


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