November 22, 2011

Official referral received!!!!!!!!!!!

It's official!!!!!  
We are THRILLED and so excited!!!!!!!

Our son asked us what it meant that we "received the referral".  I explained that it meant that the government where the twins live, wrote us a letter with more information about them and asked us if we were interested in accepting the twins and going forward with the adoption.

Robertson replied, "Did you say YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!"

We did respond immediately that we were definitely still interested!
There isn't much more information that I can share but I did find out more information in regards to siblings that we did not know about before. 

Now we wait for the attorney to speak with the judge and set the court date.  We are on pins and needles waiting and we are struggling to do more fundraisers as quickly as we can.  We have yard sales and restaurant fundraisers we hope to do,  as well as new Christmas products on our website. And, after much prayer....we are continuing our blog and giveaway. 

We are sincerely hoping that all of you might be willing to share with others that we are still hosting
an Ipad 2 giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!

and we will have the drawing in the week prior to our travel.  The drawing may be held in a matter of a couple of weeks or up to a little over a month.  And, since our fundraising hasn't exactly gone as well as we were hoping, it means that your odds of winning the Ipad 2 are great!  ..........much better than almost any other contest you have probably ever entered!!!!

AND, I'm so thankful to a dear friend who owns a catering business and has agreed to donate to our giveaway!

(This is not a picture of the actual cookies for the basket)
She has agreed to donate a cookie basket!!!
I received one for my birthday and it was wonderful!!!  Well, that is, what small amount I was able to get, since everyone else had their hands on it!  The basket was decorated beautifully and the cookies were huge and tasted.....well, let's just say that I would have no will power whatsoever to deny one of her cookies!  We will ship it inside the USA wherever you wish, so this may be used as a Christmas or birthday present or just a fabulous treat for yourself!

How to enter: (pick *any* option to enter-you only have to do one!)
  1. Make a donation using the button to the right side of our blog(no donation is too small!)
  2. Walk and report some miles to add to the blog (see Walk Across The World)
  3. Pray for our family and email me
  4. Post our link to your FB page-let them know that they could win an Ipad 2 and cookie basket!
  5. Include a post on your blog about our giveaway
  6. Make a purchase at our store     
           We are adding Christmas items today!
The cookie basket drawing will be held a week from today if we get a minimum of 10 entries!  So your odds could potentially be 1 in 10!  Please help support our adoption....we have a long way to go and very little time!

How about our progress with the virtual Walk Across the World?
We did make it out of Utah and all the way to Craig, Colorado!
Craig Colorado has a population of approx 10,000 people and is a town of creativity and being able to think outside the box!  I have seriously been inspired by them to make lemonade out of is the story:

In 1999, the city of Craig Colorado realized that the trees in their city park were diseased and needed to be cut down.  So, what would the typical city do?  Pay large amounts of money for the trees (and stumps!) to be removed and then experience the ugly nothingness that is left behind.

What did the officials of Craig Colorado decide to do? 

A chainsaw festival where artists could come and transform stumps into art!  Check this is amazing!

Now that is some Chainsaw therapy!!!   Much better than mine (here) perhaps but....if you have a problem, breaking out the chainsaw might just be the solution! (Oh, with the disclaimer of not appropriate during fits of anger....)

Craig, Colorado is also home to The Wyman Living History Museum!

Here is Lou Wyman!
             "The museum opened in August of 2006. The Wyman family has gathered an absolutely unique collection from throughout the west and beyond, giving museum guests an experience spanning one hundred years of American life, ingenuity and advancement. We guarantee there will be something you’ve never seen before!"

There is a complete Colorado license plate collection and a premier chain saw collection! The chain saws range from 12 pounds to 200 pounds and blades that range from 1 to 5 feet long. 
There is a stuffed buffalo with a fun story that you will just have to visit their website to hear!  He also seems to provide a great bed for their resident cat!

                                    They even have a resident Elk named Clyde!


That's it for today!  Sorry for my lack of frequent blogs...I have less time than money and know....... 


  1. How exciting. That is wonderful news.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  2. Hi Cynthia - been thinking about you and wanted to pop over to thank you for your wonderful encouragement over at my blog the other day. I felt so privileged to hear a little bit about your story walking this same path I have been walking.
    I was delighted to read how everything is swiftly coming together with your twins!!!! So exciting. May you continue to walk in the favour of God dear friend.
    Love Janine


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