November 29, 2011

Strength under pressure

I apologize for leaving everyone hanging but the information has been changing by the hour with a lot of unknowns. 

We are in a tight spot.....we had been under the understanding that we would not likely travel in early December and that we would more likely be traveling in January and would have more time to fundraise and/or get loans, grants etc.

We were completely unaware until yesterday that we could travel this soon! 

I could be holding our twins in six just makes me ache thinking about it......

So, we've been hustling and inquiring about whatever we could possibly do.....including loans to make that happen.

And we thought we had the solution, but this morning there were more complications and delays..... which would still render it impossible to go because we need to make our decision today and make the plane reservations to leave on Saturday.

*AND* moreover we found out that if we don't leave on Saturday that we will have to wait until February to travel.

 Two more months that they will wait.......two more months where anything could happen.  It is extremely hard.

To truly understand me,  I want you to imagine that two of your beloved children were in a country half way around the world from you.  Imagine what you would do to get to them......and you have a chance to hold them and love them by Monday, rather than waiting another two months with empty arms.......... and they with no family. 

I came close to folding again this morning from so much recent discouragement, but I prayed for strength and prayed for the ability to have better knowledge of what to do and how to get them home.  And, as I opened my eyes, I felt comforted.....and strong! 

I don't know if we can give the twins a family for Christmas......I don't know if they will experience the love of devoted parents by Monday but I will try and I will pray for continued revelation from our Heavenly Father to know His will. 

Today is the day that we have to decide......if anyone has thoughts or revelation or a desire to donate or help, you have no idea how much it would be appreciated.............


  1. I just donated and I'm sorry I can't donate more. I wish you guys the best of luck. I know you have a very hard decision but know that you will ultimately make the best decision possible.

  2. Wow... praying for you and those precious twins! My twins arrive on Dec. 13th and I can't wait to hold them... and I am choosing not to think about putting them back on a plane in January. God has a perfect plan, praying that you will know what to do by the end of the day and what ever the decision is you will find peace.

  3. How much do you need by the end of today?

  4. What about putting it on credit cards? Normally I wouldn't advocate credit card debt but this is unique situation. There are always credit card companies lining up to hand out credit and you could fundraise to pay it off when you get home. What about a loan or payment deferment from your agency? Did you ask your agency if they have any funds to gift you or if they have donors who are willing to loan you the money? What about asking friends/family to use airline miles to reduce your travel costs? Do you have something you can sell and re-buy, if necessary, when you're home again? Maybe even a car. Is there a family member who could loan you the money? It sounds like you thought you'd have the money in a month but just not now. I'm sure a family member would loan you that money for a short period of time. Have you researched borrowing from your 401(K)? There are some rules that if you use it for specific things or put it back in a certain amount of time then you're not penalized.

    Best wishes. I hope you're able to bring your twins home soon!

  5. Thanks so much for your comments and support! So, I was asked how much we would need by the end of today....we need the cost of the plane tickets which is variable but could be up to $5000 for us and the twins (probably will have to buy round trip tickets for them too) and the $9,000-10,000 for all the various in-country costs of attorney's fees, lodging, food, visas etc. That is where the total on our thermometer comes from of $15,000. However, we so far have raised and have possible access to around $4000 which puts us at needing around $11,000. I am planning to do some more loan or credit card inquiries today but unfortunately time is rapidly running out for the possibility of traveling this month. :-( Just planning to exhaust the last few possibilities....Thanks again everyone for the kindness and help!

  6. Will you need all the money at once for this initial travel date? Or is some of it necessary now (in order to travel) and some of it possible to raise over the next few months?

  7. Congrats on the exciting news!! Praying for you to see the Lord work in amazing ways, and for the money to keep rolling in!! Can't wait to see those babies in your arms!



  8. Jessica,
    Unfortunately we need the flight money asap in order to make reservations and the 9-10K is just for the first trip and we basically need to have it on our person when we leave in order to have it when we arrive by Saturday. We should have the plane ticket funds now but I just don't want to agree that we will travel with our agency/attorney and not be able to come up with the rest of what we need. :-(

    Well, it is in God's hands now.... and as I said, I would be thrilled if he brings on a miracle but will also accept what is. We were just turned down by another loan because of too many inquiries....I was afraid of that....

  9. Bummer about the second loan.

    Have you checked out any of the peer to peer lending sites like Lending Club?

    It's all backed by a real financial institution, but, individual people decide to fund (or not) your loan.

    There's more flexibility there since you can share your story and individual lenders get to read it (rather than a loan officer at a bank that has no choice but to go by the numbers).


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