November 25, 2011

A Terrible Dream!

Before I get into my terrible dream I want to show two new items that will be listed in our store-Walnut Grove Traditions

Both of these items are completely unique to our store:

It is the cutest little Polar Bear Bunting with original artwork from our daughter:

The great thing about baby buntings is that it makes it so much easier and faster to change their tiny bottoms!

We can customize it with Grandma's Polar Bear or Auntie's Polar Bear etc

This is the back side!  Lauren did a great job....doesn't get any cuter!  Well, except for the baby you put in it!  We will be listing it for $23.99

The other item is specific to adoption and is a great way to celebrate the day your child came home or your gotcha day.  On the front side is your child's picture surrounded by adoring angels. This is printed by a digital garment printer onto cloth:

On the back side is a poem that I have fallen in love with along with their name on top and "gotcha" date on the bottom:

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life
But those who make their journey home
Across time & miles
Growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them,
Are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us
By God's very own hands
-Kristi Larson

We can print most any custom ornaments this way with a different poem on the back side of your choosing so that we could include biological children as well.
These will be listed for $12.99

Email me if you are interested before I have had a chance to list them on our site at

Okay, on to my dream....I may not be alone in having nightmares after eating too much of the Thanksgiving feast and getting to bed late, but I am feeling the need to do something about this one....

I was with my two older daughters, Mary and Emily when we found out that the twins were coming home and we needed to go and meet them. 

I was so excited!!!  I told Mary to get our camera so we could take pictures of our first meeting....

When we got there we realized that the children were accompanied by the head of children's welfare from the twin's country and the children's caretaker.  I saw a glimpse of our little girl in the car but never did really see either one completely.....there was a brief discussion of needing to take pictures.

Then it was as though the scene changed to the morning of the following though I had been clubbed over the head and was waking up out of a confused stupor...and I became very concerned about what happened and where the time went.  I was laying on a couch's hideaway bed (which is strange because we don't have one!) 

I asked my daughters what happened, and about that time,  I saw our son (one of the twins) and he seemed very unhappy.  I was very upset and asked the girls where in the world he slept?!? 

But before they could answer, I realized that there were many children from the orphanage that were also upset, sitting on the floor.  I became more concerned as I didn't know whether anyone made them a place to sleep! 

About that time I saw the two women that were the officials from the twins country who had brought them.  They were walking down the stairs with very stern expressions on their face. 

My concern turned to panic when I asked the girls what room they had been given.  Emily told me that they had slept in the spare bedroom.  My body froze in terror as I asked if the spare bedroom had been cleaned out? (this room is currently being mainly used for storage)

Emily simply replied that she couldn't because there wasn't time! 

I woke up with the exclamation of, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" and having my heart racing out of my chest!

So, it is officially time to nest and be sure that we are ready to go.  Unless someone else has a different interpretation of the dream, which would allow me to procrastinate! LOL! 

 Fundraising News:
We have had one donation (thank you so much!!!!) towards the cookie basket (and also entered into the bigger prize of the Ipad 2 drawing, to be held a week before we travel )

We need 9 more in order to hold the cookie basket drawing.  And, trust me, you *want* this cookie basket!  It is a sweet reward for doing a good thing!

We are also continuing to make progress on our virtual Walk Across The World towards the twin's country!

We are now in ......Walden Colorado!!!!

It is a town of about 734 people and is the "Moose viewing capitol of Colorado!"

A lot of folks come here to hunt Elk which is likely where one of the main businesses in town got it's name:

Antler's Inn

And, they have a restaurant called The River Rock Cafe that looks cozy and beautiful:

I would love to try their Southern Style biscuits and makes me think of my grandma......

Here's to hoping that within the next post or two, we will be announcing our travel date!!!!!

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  1. I'm sorry your heart is heavy today. I love you friend and I am praying for you.... I prayed for you even before your comment <3


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