November 24, 2011

A different kind of post....

This will be a very different post from me.  For one, I am sitting here in the quiet solitude of the morning with a chance to be still and ponder.  Well, in all honesty, it is never exactly silent here....I am listening to the crowing of roosters and the rain pouring on the roof.  And, I am loving it.  Even the roosters seem more subdued and melodic this morning.....

The main way that this post will be different is that it will be short! ;-) 

I have the opportunity to volunteer today with the Child Life program in our nearby hospital.  I truly debated whether or not I would do it since I knew that the times would overlap our extended family celebration. 

Then I realized that this year is so different for me.  I have experienced such a mental change about giving and receiving....and necessity.

 I saw this picture on Facebook:

It is a simple mix of two words and two pictures and yet it has stuck in my mind ever since I saw it. 

The typical and perhaps cliche thing to say would be to urge us all to be more thankful for what we have.

  But, that is not how I am feeling this morning.

I feel guilty.....I am not that particularly special....why should I have had a life with love and family and comfort?

Then I think....we are all children of God.....we are all wonderfully amazing people and we all should have love and family and comfort. 

But we don't.......

No solution will be offered because as much as I wish I had answers for many things in life....I don't.

But, I will urge all of you to truly and deeply pray this Thanksgiving and truly give, however and whatever you feel called to do.

Sending my love and thanks to all of you on this Thanksgiving!


  1. I love this post and LOVE this picture.... May I borrow it??

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart. It is so different once our eyes are opened. I still hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  3. Yes, you may definitely use the picture! I actually am not sure where it originated...but it is really helpful to quickly put things into perspective...
    I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving with a lot of good family time and a renewed appreciation for those blessings.


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