September 24, 2011

Ipad 2 giveaway!!!!!

I'm so excited to announce our first giveaway!   It's the Ipad 2...
It's thinner, it's lighter, it's faster!  The battery lasts 10 hours!  It has two cameras designed for face time calling and a beautiful crisp display controlled by touch.  It is the world's most advanced mobile operating system!  I wish I had one myself!

We have many ways to enter the contest:

1.  For every cash donation of $5 or more you will get an entry. 

2.  You will also earn an entry for every purchase made in our store:

We have all kinds of t-shirts and items including the ability to do nearly any custom t-shirt that you desire.

3.  We would also like to offer other items in our giveaway and will give an entry for any item donated to our giveaway such as gift cards to restaurants or stores that you haven't had a chance to use yet, crafts or jewelry, quilts or any other new item that you feel would have general appeal.

4.  We would love some ideas of what you would like to see featured in our store.  We will offer an entry for each idea but please note that once you submit the idea it becomes the property of Walnut Grove Traditions.

5.  Earn an entry for liking our store on Facebook and sharing a link to our blog or website.

6.  Last but definitely not least, I would appreciate prayers said on behalf of our family and the twins.  This has been and likely will continue to be a challenge for us all and we appreciate the prayers more than you can imagine.  Please just send an email to let us know and I will enter your name in the contest! 

The contest will end when we reach our $8000 goal.  If we don't make enough to giveaway the ipad we will give the winner a cash percentage of the proceeds. 

Thanks everyone for your help....please spread the word around!


  1. Dear Cynthia,
    I was so blessed to meet you over at my blog and to be encouraged with your prayers for our precious Zac. He is due to be born in 9 more sleeps! Reading through your blog I am so blessed by your amazing heart and family! I too will be believing with you for your miracle as you get ready to bring home your little miracle child! Sending you all my love and prayers! Love Janine

  2. Hi Cynthia - we would love to make a small donation for your giveaway. Where should I send the check?


  3. Thanks Janine! I am grateful for your inspiration and faith! Tammy, you are so kind and have no idea what this means to me right now at a time when I have been so discouraged again! Thank you! Could you email me at and I will give you our address. Thank you!!!

  4. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for visiting our blog! I had actually found your blog previously through the HIV adopt group- love your t-shirts!
    Can't wait to see your little people come home!

  5. It looks like you're in the Sacramento region. I'm not able to donate at this time (I will when I can!) but I would like to offer you notary services at no charge, if you need anything notarized for the adoption and if you don't already know someone who will notarize for you for nothing. I'm a notary in Yolo County. You can contact me a jtocher at clarkpac dot com

  6. Hi Julie! I wish you had been around before I so ignorantly threw away $330 on a notary!! What makes it worse is that it was a man who was extremely rude to his customers and worse towards his employees. Thanks for the offer, I am hoping that we won't have any more notarizing now that the dossier has already been sent off. Thanks so much for thinking of us and letting us know!

  7. Hey, we had a great iPad fundraiser last year at Christmas time. What was really helpful for us is we made a flyer about it and put one on the door of every member of our ward. (maybe you could mail the ones who live far away?) Some families only gave $10, but others were much higher. You would be amazed how giving your ward family will be to help you when they get the "vision" of what you're doing. Also, use Facebook and email everyone you know about it! Don't know what you've already done, but those are things that helped us raise about $9,000.


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