September 1, 2011

Help Thomas find his forever family!

I feel the need to follow up on my "discouraged" blog as well as publicizing about a dire need of a family for a little boy with HIV.  I received an email that looked like this:

"This 4 year old boy was recently sent to a post-soviet mental institution. Only because he has HIV. His situation is urgent. He was born in January 2007. He does not have any siblings. ‘Thomas’ is a real prince! He is a very handsome boy. A volunteer says “I will never forget my first impression of him. Despite the fact that he is shy and humble, and has spent his childhood in an orphanage, he is still insistent and achieves his goals. I took him on rides and on an inflatable in town, he could not climb the slide and the older children were pushing past him, but he did not cry, and in the end he achieved his objective. When I walked with him through the grounds of his baby house, he carefully avoided the aggressive kids and seeks the kind children. He is protective of the nice kids. He is clever. He is not at a loss in any situation, he immediately finds a way. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. We have just learned that this sweet boy has been transferred to a mental institute :(  It cannot be overstated how dire his situation is in that environment. A committed adoptive family is urgently needed!"

This is real.....a small child being sent to a mental institution that has no business being there.....a child that may have had hope but will be losing that hope by the day.  Please, if you blog, post his picture and his story.  If you know someone interested in adoption but they are not aware of the safety of HIV adoption, send them to Positively Orphaned or Project Hopeful.  Please get the word out, surely there is a family out there that would be thrilled to bring him home! 
As for our efforts to bring the twins home....despite the fact that I worry,  I just cannot feel discouraged any longer. 

I had a profoundly bolstering spiritual experience that is so hard for me to describe in words. 

I received an answer to all of my pleading prayers. 

Let me explain by saying that, I had gone into protective mode.  I had decided that if it all didn't work out and we couldn't raise the funds......or, if something else unforeseen happened.......that we could just try again when life was easier. 

I wasn't giving up exactly but I was allowing that possibility to start creeping in.

I received revelation that brings to mind the lyrics of a Josh Groban song that says, "and the sky will throw thunderbolts and sparks".  It was truly that dramatic, not literally of course.....but spiritually, I did indeed feel the thunderbolts and sparks. 

I know that it is truly important that we bring the twins home to our family.  And so my resolve changed.

What happened next?

  1. I got an email- from a prior co-worker and great friend who offered to do a garage sale in order to assist us in our efforts to fundraise.  I was so touched that someone would expend that much time and effort on our behalf and that of the twins.  She is an amazing person and is truly inspired! 
  2. We got a letter-from Veneco that they were attempting to find who owned the mineral rights to our property as there were funds that were pooling without a recipient to forward to. The county clerk found the documentation and agreed that we do indeed own the mineral rights and we will now wait to see how this may help our efforts.
  3. We received our DOJ documentation-this  threatened to slow our ability to turn in our dossier.  But, we received it within a day!!  We are ready to have all the documents in our dossier, notarized and apostilled and then sent off to our agency to forward them on to the the twin's country. 

Now, it gets exciting....that means that we are nearing approval and getting our travel dates!!!! 

I know that there are many that might call this "coincidental" but I truly believe that God does provide........ 


  1. Hi!

    God sure does know how to time things "just right!"

    Congrats on one step closer! Are you adopting "Max and Lena"?

    Blessings! Kristy

  2. I agree! God proves himself to be so much wiser than me on a daily basis! ;)
    No, our twins are not Max and Lena...does that mean that there is another set of HIV positive boy/girl twins out there? I'd love to advocate for them...let me know!

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    Thanks for you sweet words on our blog!
    Yes there is another set but they have a family.
    I went to Reece's Rainbows to see what the staus was on Max a Lena now. (I had last checked when they had a family but no other info was posted) And then found your blog so thats why I though they might be yours! If you type in Max and Lena under the search it brings them up. The good news is they just got home with their forever family!! They live in texas and their blog is listed on there if you want to "meet" them. We have twins AND a positive blessing as well! Our twins are our foster girls that we are hoping to adopt but in the meantime we can't put faces on our blog. Thus they are not in the family picture. I am excited to be able to follow your journey, and pray that things keep moving forward. God know the perfect timing in everything, we just don't always understand but we know the HE is control for a reason!




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