September 12, 2011

I just held the twins....

My dream theme continues....just when I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, I feel God's hand in this whole experience.  It is so hard to have children so far away and to love them so much but continue to have mountains of paperwork and financial barriers stand in the way!

In the midst of all of this last minute craziness to get all of the paperwork finished for the dossier, to get our business and fundraisers going, and to still maintain the family and homeschool....I am often feeling extremely overwhelmed. 

So, I had gone to bed with much prayer and exhaustion.......and I truly had one of the sweetest and most peaceful feeling dreams that I have ever had.

The twins were with us (not exactly sure where the location was!) and I was smiling and reaching out to our new daughter to get a hug.  Then, our son ran into my arms and I pulled him into my lap with his blankie and we rocked and rocked in a rocking chair. 

This picture does a good job at capturing the emotion that I felt in the dream and for a good while when I woke up.
It felt so good to have both of them safe in my arms......


  1. What a way to wake up! Here's hoping that things smooth out over the next few weeks and months!

  2. was just able to get caught up on your blog. loved the anniversary pics. love you guys.

  3. Thanks Cate and Lizzy!!! I'm going to update the blog soon...we've made some progress!


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