July 3, 2012

The reality of recovery & finally-our pending addition to the family!!!

Robertson has been out of the hospital for just about a week now.  I spent most of the week on the phone to doctors, driving an hour to doctor visits, and experiencing the ups and downs of a rough recovery. 

In so many ways, he is doing so well.  Unfortunately the stomach pain, headache, and vomiting were persistent but thankfully it would come and go.  He was spending most every day completely ill for most of the morning but finally after no returned phone call from the neurologist's office and on a hunch....I had him bring some crackers and gatoraide to put next to his bed to eat first thing in the morning.  It was probably because I spent 10 plus years teaching childbirth classes and experienced seven pregnancies that I thought of the solution to the typical morning sickness.  Lol!

Believe it or not...it worked!  So far, so good...I don't know if his stomach was affected by the Guillain-Barre in such a way that it had a hard time "waking up" in the mornings and getting jump started, so it caused intestinal cramping or what (?) but the crackers really do seem to help.

Robertson is also starting to experience nerve pain and often complains about his aching shoulder and his foot when he steps down.  And, I feel so bad that he is now starting to realize the impact of all of this....the seeing double is getting very old and the pain is an unwelcome addition.  So, he seems much more emotional now (my teenage girls can empathize and relate and say it seems like he has PMS :( 

I think he is just really really tired as well....

I am finding it hard to jump back into life as I am wanting to but I promise that I am really trying!

I mainly wanted to write today to let everyone know that we truly are soooo extremely thankful for all of the kindness and help that was shown to us.  I am desperately trying to get back on track so I apologize if I haven't extended my thanks just yet....and I just wanted everyone to know of my love and appreciation.  I have deeply appreciated each and every kind word, prayer, and offers of meals, cards, and shoulders to lean and cry on.  Truly not a single thing has gone unnoticed and though it doesn't take away the situation it sure helps me to keep standing upright....and to continue putting one foot in front of the other which is about all I've been able to do lately.

Hopefully, as life returns to a new normal I will be able to blog about some other very pressing events.  I have teased about our "new addition" to the family and really wanted to do a nice announcement of the pending marriage of our daughter Lauren and the addition of her fiance Paul to our family.  But, unfortunately life has continuously interrupted and I am feeling so badly that my daughter has had to repeatedly give up more and more of her plans and ideals to be able to still be married in September.  She has handled it with grace and kindness but I know deep down it is hard for her to imagine getting married and not having her family in attendance.  The details and hurdles are still being worked on and we will continue to pray for revelation and guidance.

For now I will say that I dearly love them both and that I am so happy that they found each other:

I just love this next picture because I can absolutely recognize in my daughter the love, friendship, and absolute trust she has in Paul....

Love is beautiful and so essential to the family and I am truly thankful for them both.

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