June 26, 2012

Robertson's homecoming

We have been home one night....and I wish I could say it has been easy but he is still having problems.  I think it is side effects still from the IVIG.  He has intermittent horrible stomach pain, vomiting and a bad headache.  I have spent the morning on the phone with different doctors and nurses.  I am blogging now to pass the time while waiting for more phone calls to advise me as to what to do. 

I need to go backwards a little since I didn't blog for a day or so...I can start with some blessings and fun pictures.

On Saturday and Sunday, the whole family came to visit.  We had them come in smaller groups at a time so that Robertson (and the nursing staff) didn't get overwhelmed. 

As soon as I. came in, he went straight over and have Robertson a big hug....I *know* that I got a picture of them...but it either didn't actually take somehow or someone deleted it. :(  Either way, I'm very sad about it but glad to have a blog where I can record it for history that he is such a sweet and compassionate boy.

K. and Robertson had fun sharing a pomegranate together:

I also got more pictures from the first group that came through because my camera battery was dying.....just a disclaimer that I wasn't playing favoritism! ;)

Robertson took Emily and Eleanor down to the play room in the hospital.

                                                Eleanor absolutely loved the fish tank!

You can see the tank on both sides....yes, that is a fish that looks like it is sitting on Eleanor's forehead!

 The last night in the hospital was fairly difficult.  Robertson got very ill from the IVIG...possibly because it was day five of treatment and  from the build up of the previous nights.  He had a horrible headache and repeated vomiting.  He was miserable and I was so appreciative for the angel of a nurse we had who did everything she could to help try to get him feeling better.

He finally perked up by later in the afternoon and we did one last session of physical therapy whereby he started complaining of his ankle hurting.  She wasn't super aware of Guillain-Barre issues so she thought we should go back to the room.

The wait for discharge from the hospital seemed to take forever, so Robertson and I were in high spirits when we finally got our "get out of jail free" card! :)  I was exhausted from the night before but hungry so I asked Robertson where he would like to go eat to celebrate. 

To my surprise, he wanted to go to Sizzler and get a steak! 

And here is where another surprise (at least to me) comes in....

I had been absolutely, consistently emotionally fine for the last few days...I promise, I was!   I was able to tell the entire horrible story to doctors, nurses, friends, family, and even the Guillean-Barre foundation representative that came to visit without a hitch in my voice or a tear. 

But, as we walked into Sizzler, Robertson began complaining about his legs hurting and he stumbled a bit to step up on the curb while covering his one eye(he is still seeing double vision).

All of a sudden, this flood of emotion consumed me and I really wasn't sure if I would just have sit on the curb outside of Sizzler, crying and rocking and holding him. 

I didn't....I was able to keep walking into the restaurant and I was even able to order.  I'm sure I looked odd with crazy frizzed out hospital shower hair, capri's that were brought to the hospital by my husband that were missing a button and a too tight shirt, a little boy with big bandages on his arm and a squinted eye....all put together with my "must have been obvious look of distress" that was nearly uncontrolled and unravelling by the minute. 

But, if the cashier noticed, it sure wasn't obvious....she chomped on her gum and looked utterly bored and handed me the receipt to sign.

We limped through getting some food...I just waited for my throat to periodically unclench and I would speak before I would get emotional again. 

Back at the table, Robertson sat across from me at first and then suddenly his little head disappeared under the table and popped back up next to me.  And, so, the two of us sat in a huge red booth with the two of us side by side.

He looked over at me and said something that once again grabbed my gut....

"Hey mom, I know what I want to be when I am older?"  (My mind racing to how glad I am that he has that chance....)

I choked out that I didn't know...

He joyfully said that he wanted two jobs...the first part of the day he wanted to be a scientist so that he could blow things up!  Then, the second part of the day, he wanted to be a food critic and eat things like steak. :)

I agreed with him that it sounded like a great idea.....

So, there was the ending of two of some of the hardest weeks our family has ever seen. 

Here are my two babies that I am so thankful for and so so sorry for the hard times that they have had....

Emily's arm is starting to heal and after the third seizure and beginning her meds...she has been just fine....

I love these two with all my heart and soul....I am so glad that they are still smiling and okay....and I am deeply grateful that Heavenly Father brought these sweet children to me. 
I promise and pray that I don't take that responsibility lightly and will do everything in my power to keep them safe and well with God's help....

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