June 20, 2012

Robertson update

I am sitting in the hospital right now with Robertson sleeping by my side.  He has an MRI in the morning and the doctor pulled us aside to let us know that he is looking for "masses" or possible tumor.  Robertson can no longer walk well and has both eyes involved.
I really have no words this morning....and can't really tolerate hugs or inquiries about how we're doing....not that I don't appreciate them but I am barely keeping myself together right now and I just can't go there.  Actually mostly my brain doesn't want to go anywhere at all right now and I find myself stopping thought processes regularly.
I can say that Heavenly Father answered prayers last night to bring someone to give myself and Robertson a blessing and to bring one of the nicest male nurses who stayed in our room for a long time just calmly talking so that I could quell some of the rising panic and eventually get a little sleep.
I can't stress enough how much I desire and appreciate prayers right now.....my prayers are now filled with desperate pleading.....


  1. I'm praying for you tonight (hear, in Germany, where I live it is already night) and I lit a candle for little Robertson.

  2. With you in prayer and loving light...


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