June 19, 2012

Sometimes it just keeps coming....

I need to be fast with this update as I have a full day of medical appts for Emily and hopefully Robertson....yes, I know that it makes absolutely no sense but we are having yet another medical scare....

Robertson was playing outside on Saturday and stepped on a bee.  He came in and was very upset and scared because the stinger was still in his foot.  My husband got it out by scraping it with a credit card (he said he had heard that tweezers will squeeze more of the venom out).  After some baking soda and hugs, he seemed to be okay.

Later that evening, I noticed that he had a fever.  It was low grade and no real reason for concern but I wondered if it had anything to do with the sting.

At midnight he stumbled into the hall outside our bedroom and since I was still awake, I went to him and felt of his head.  He was absolutely on fire... I would guess around 103-104 degrees because I just couldn't coax him to keep the thermometer (sloooow moving mercury thermometer was all I could find) in his mouth for any length of time and it was already 102.5.

I gave him some advil and brought him downstairs to sleep near Mary and Emily so I could monitor him better.

The next morning I knew we would not be bringing him to church with a fever so I put a movie on for him and began doing some other chores.  He was talking to one of the other children about seeing double and I looked up at him and noticed that he had his hand over his eye.  I vaguely remembered him mentioning that to me in passing the day before but he sounded more like he was joking or being silly and he hadn't mentioned it again...until now.

I inquired as to why he was covering his eye.  He said that he couldn't see with both eyes open because there was two of everything.   At that point he turned to me and dropped his hand and his left eye went separate from the other eye and seemed to kind of fall to the corner of his eye.  Robertson has never been even slightly cross eyed so this was an immediate and obvious problem....

I called Robert who was en route to church with Mary and Amelia and told him to come home so that we could take Robertson to urgent care.

The doctor there said that he thought it was viral and seemed to only involve one eye.  He did not think that the bee sting was related (and it probably isn't) and that it didn't have anything to do with Emily's recent seizures.  He asked us to follow up with our normal primary care doc the following week.

I called first thing Monday and the doctor squeezed him in.  Robertson was at that point complaining of being "stumbly" when he got up to go to the bathroom.  It was, and still is, hard to tell if it is because of his vision problems or because of his swollen foot from the bee sting or if it is something else.

The doctor did a *very* thorough exam and found that it was not just the one eye but that the other eye was unable to go to the corner or up all of the way as well, which she said was concerning enough that she wanted to do an MRI.  She also made a stat referral to an opthomologist and a neurologist.

The doctor agreed with me at how strange it is for a very healthy family to have two situations like this in such a short time and  is throwing around the idea of a strange virus that may have affected both Emily and Robertson but so far doesn't seem to have much to prove that theory.

So, we're heading out this morning for Emily's EEG and hoping that we will get Robertson in while we are down there since the hospital is an hour away.

The only great news we have right now is that Robert took the day off yesterday to help me take K. to her regularly scheduled appt with a specialist in Oakland and she is doing wonderfully.  They said that her labs look even better than the last time! :)  I was very happy to know that something was going well.....

We appreciate the prayers more than anyone can imagine.  We have had members of our church bringing in meals which has truly helped.   Mary is alone with the other children while I am gone so much and I know she is soooo appreciative to have one less thing to worry about.

I will keep everyone posted....

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