July 8, 2012

Quick update on a possible relapse

Robertson's eye dropped back into the corner of his eye Thursday afternoon, which was how the whole thing started....definitely scared me and caused me to call his neurologist.  Since then, he has had a few more worrisome symptoms of burning and pain to his tongue and some episodes of coughing/choking that have me worried.

We spent last night in the living room together so that I could be right near him.  And, he woke me up at around 2am to sleep with him on the air mattress.  His eyes are definitely bothering him more again and he said that the double vision is worse because the two images are further away from each other. 

The neurologist wants to start him back on prednisone and called in a prescription....for *tablets*.  UGH!  He is eight years old!  We tried to see if he could swallow the pills but it was definitely not going to happen even with a smoothie.

We called the pharmacist to see if we could crush it and explained that he could not swallow the pills.  She said that crushing it was fine. 

We got a little bit down and he was already gagging and crying about how awful it was.  I knew that he needed to take the meds or we would need to return to the hospital and tried every possible trick I knew...chocolate, marshmallow chasers, berry smoothies and finally we got it down....for about two minutes.

Then, he got violently ill and everything came back up including every last bite of his dinner.  He was so sick that he broke blood vessels around his eyes and cheeks. :(

I called the pharmacist back to see if there were any other options and she said that there was a children's liquid...I was wondering why in the world she didn't mention that in our last conversation!  

But, she added that she had to get a new prescription from our neurologist, which didn't happen until this morning and after a few calls to the answering service. 

Ah, soooo tired and worried again but so far in the last 24 hours, nothing seems to be better....though nothing also seems to have gotten worse.

I will keep everyone posted.....

**I will also try to blog on the very last travel date for the twins soon...as my husband and the twins will be going the third week of August and most likely taking Mary to help.  We will *finally* be able to have pictures of all of us as a family. :) 

Thanks again for all of the prayers and kindness extended to our family. 


  1. Gosh Sorry to hear about his relapse Prayers continuing

  2. I've been out of the loop for the past couple of months. Wow, sounds like you've had some scary trials lately. Praying that Robertson will recover fully and quickly.


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