July 12, 2012

That's it! We're done!

I got a phone call yesterday that I don't think I will ever forget....a phone call that made my husband so choked up he couldn't speak.  It was also a phone call that offered peace and closure.  

When I heard that Robert was trying to get a hold of me yesterday evening it made me worried.  Due to all of our recent medical stresses, I am very gun shy and find that the children just calling out "mom!" will get a near panic adrenalin reaction out of me...no matter what the tone of voice.  So, when I heard that my husband *really* needed to get a hold of me, I was more than nervous.

What he said was absolutely *not* what I was prepared for.  He told me that he went to get the mail... and then he choked up and there was silence.  It was killing me!  I asked him what was wrong several times but just heard shallow breathing and failed attempts at composure on the other end.

Finally he said that we got a check.  I asked him what it was for?!?  He said that it was our anonymous donor again and that we were now fully funded and our entire third trip was paid for!!!!!!!  

I was flooded with every emotion...relief was the first, followed by joy, some confusion and concern that we didn't work hard enough for it, and then flat out appreciation and strengthening of faith.  

We went into this adoption in faith....truly the biggest leap of faith that I have ever taken.  And, it was hard.....harder than most anything I have ever done.  And, it required us to sacrifice....every single one of us has had to deeply sacrifice to make this work and I admit to having many many moments where I questioned myself and questioned whether or not we could (or even *should*) make it work financially and practically.  

But, I learned something, God truly does indeed make and find a way.  If you give all that you can and trust Him, He will make up the difference.  And, He mostly does it through his servants upon this earth....we all are so important to Him and when we do His work, it creates something absolutely beautiful.  Each act and deed is a puzzle piece that makes a magnificent family picture.

Now, here is the hard part....how on earth do I say the right thing!  How on earth do I truly express my deepest gratitude?!?  How do I let our donor know that lives have been changed and faith has been strengthened through their selfless actions...

I am not sure that words can do it justice but I will have to try.  I am in tears, and my husband has been brought to tears and we are so grateful!  It has lifted a huge burden off of our shoulders at a time when we have been very weighed down with so many things.....

Thank you....I wish I knew who you were! But then, whoever you are, you must know me....because I would not take so much...it is truly too much to receive.  I would have refused.....

So thank you for loving our family and thank you for offering the twins the gift of an eternal family.  I can honestly say that I don't think that there is a bigger gift that you can offer someone.  

What can I do to return or pass along this kindness???  I just have to find a way to be involved in other family puzzles and I need to promise to live my life in faith and as a servant to Heavenly Father no matter how large and insurmountable the task may seem.  

So, that's it...no more fundraising....is that possible???  We have made it!!!!

Now, we just need to get the trip done mid August and the twins come home as much a part of our family as anyone else.   Singing our praises to God this evening.....   


  1. What a beautiful testiment of Heavenly Fathers love for all his children.What a wonderful blessing!!Sometimes I know it is more difficult to receive than to give.I have been catching up on all your family happenings and my prayers go out to you and your family as you go through all these difficult health challenges with your children.

  2. What a huge blessing. I am so happy and excited for your family.


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