December 8, 2012

Day 7-Easing the holiday tension

We have a big day is our annual Christmas tree hunt and we are celebrating Maria's birthday.  So, I thought that I would post our Little Love early.

This was a super fun idea...

We found some cute little coloring sets that had little miniature markers.  We decided to hand those out to some children that seemed tired and sick of shopping in hopes that it would allow them to enjoy their time a little more.  We hoped that this would also help their parents....after all, a quiet happily coloring child=a much happier and efficient parent.

I couldn't imagine a better place to go to find overstimulated and tired children and parents than.... Walmart!

It was interesting....the idea seemed simple enough but it was hard to give away something for free without people getting wary.

One mother yelled at them at first that she didn't want to buy anything or have her windshield fixed.  Robert tried to quickly explain that we were doing an advent calendar with our children and trying to do something nice every day.

Once she understood, she apologized and the little boy was very happy to have a new coloring book.  She then said, Merry Christmas and went on her way with a smile on her face.

They also experienced people reluctantly taking them and then asking how much would they have to pay....even when they had already tried to explain it was free.  Once again, by the time they finally understood what we were doing, they seemed happy and offered that they liked the idea.

Here is the last happy little customer as she went into Walmart with excitement... and hopefully....ever so slightly touched with the Christmas spirit.

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