December 7, 2012

Day 6-Little Loves for Librarians

I think I have decided that I may need to blog a day behind of our Little Loves but I will try to keep it up.

I've had a few harder days which is all a "normal" part of whatever this illness is for me.  It is funny that I have established norms though when I still have no idea what I am dealing with.

I do know that I am so completely fed up with insurance companies and red tape and waiting.  That seems to be the story of my life right now.

I appreciate those that have shown empathy and ask how I am doing.  It is hard to answer sometimes, and it truly depends on the day and the moment.  I made the mistake again recently of searching the internet and *finally* felt I had found a strong possibility of discovering what this might be.

Then, I read that part of the "treatment" team involved hospice and I decided that I didn't want that one at all!  I decided that I would stop with the internet searching and that if all of my tests came back normal...and *even* if I was still feeling this same way, but I knew that I didn't have that horrible disorder, I would still be relieved and happy.  After all, I decided that living this way sure beats the alternative.  So, all of you can hold me to that! :)

On to our much happier, and much preferred topic of  Little Loves!

Robert, my husband, is truly the "Norm" of our local  library (You have to have watched Cheers to understand this reference :)  He knows...and dare I loved by, nearly every librarian.

Actually, in all the 20+ years that we have been married that is one of my favorite quirky little facts about my husband.  Women that are past the age of 50-60 yrs old have always adored him, whether he was 20 years old or now that he is...well, a bit older!

And, my dear husband, loves books and loves to read.  So, it is a match made in Heaven, right?

When I mentioned my idea of bringing some treats to the librarians for all of their service to our family, Robert responded, "Sure, I already brought them treats last year."  I had no idea, but of course, it didn't surprise me.

Sending our love to our librarians!

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