December 5, 2012

Day 4 & 5-Little Loves for furry and feathered friends

Before I show some cute pics of happy animals I would like to make a desperate plea for prayers for two adorable little girls that have touched my heart.

They have something in common.  Down Syndrome.  Something I used to fear during my own pregnancies... but now, through awareness and being touched by so many adoptive and biological families, I see the incredible blessings and the fear is completely gone.

Aziza, a sweet little girl, and beautiful princess, died suddenly and unexpectedly today.  I feel so horribly sad and yet I am so thankful at the same time.  I am thankful that this little girl knew she was deeply loved and had so much joy during her short life.  Above is her picture and here is her family's blog (My Sweet Warrior Princess)  The pain is so deep when you lose a child and I hope that many of us will be praying for their comfort.

The other child I want to highlight is Natasha.  Her family has been working to get her home for over 18 months now.  Her mother has worked tirelessly and endlessly to fundraise the needed amount to get her home.  They have had delay after delay and changes of rules and then due to all of the delays, more paperwork expired.  It has been a long hard road and I often marvel at her mom's ability to keep her chin up and praise our Heavenly Father for every dollar that comes in.  They really need the help so that Natasha can also know what Aziza had.  Please consider helping them.  It is so true that every dollar counts and helps.  This is a chance for our holiday donations to *really* matter and go directly to a child (not staff of a large organization).  Here is the link to their blog (Operation Orphan No More)

I promise that we really did our Little Loves over two days.  We attempted to do all of it in one but lost track of time.  I am definitely running slow right now....about 80 year old speed.  So, we decided to start with our chickens and I looked outside and said, "OH NO!!!  It is *dark* and the chickens have already gone to bed!"

It gets dark so early now and the cliche of "going to bed with the chickens" is so true.  They go to bed early and (at least the roosters) are all up bright and early in the morning.

Here is our big failed attempt to wake them up and take pics in the dark.
They actually weren't asleep and did cluck at us but they were not having any thoughts of getting out of the tree.

So, we packed up and went over to my mom's to give a surprise gift for her and her kitties.

My mom is often alone due to my dad's business traveling and so it is usually a welcome surprise for the grandchildren to make a visit.

We brought fun Christmasy cat toys!

Here is Maisy, an older kitty, who is debating whether it is worth her time or whether we are just flat out annoying!

Hmmm, that is actually kind of fun!

Yummm, smell that catnip!!!

Loving attention is *always* appreciated.

Defintely, all done!!!

Would Mitsy be interested??

Of course!!!

She may be chubby, but.....

She is FAST!!!

The cats, my mom, the children and I all had a great time...I am thankful once again to have such fun distraction.  

Now, moving on to today where we treated our own pets....  

Who could resist these precious faces!

Liver treats!


Can you say "EXCITED!!!"
And then, time to feel loved.....

And, greatly appreciated!!!

Moving on to the chickens before dark!

Meet Captain!
Captain is indeed a "her" and a hen!  We rescued two chicks that were abandoned by their mother and were left cheeping and being encircled by cats.  We took them inside and hand raised until they were big enough (and very messy!) and we decided they could go outside.

Captain's sibling met an untimely end when he decided to go into the fenced yard with the dogs.  Cookie seems to think that chickens are fun squeeky toys and seems surprised at our angry attitude!

So, Captain was alone and we worked hard to soothe her and keep her tame.  She is the only tame chicken we have right now.  

Captain got a lift to the wild bird feeder

And, Captain was hand fed.  I don't know why but I love watching chickens eat!

The rest of the chickens had a merry feast together on the ground...a chicken Thanksgiving of sorts!


And, now it is time to rest!  

These pictures make me so tired!

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