July 3, 2011

There are angels amongst us!

So, I've been asked to update what has happened in regards to my horrendous day with the doctor....so, if you haven't read my previous blog, it would make more sense to read it first.  Oh, and be sure to see Corinna's departure pics at the end of this post....she will be missed!

I will be less detailed about those that helped us because I don't want them to experience any repercussions from it.

But I can say that I strongly believe that our Heavenly Father places people in our midst in order to do His work.  I was able to go to a different doctor with the aid of an angel who helped every step of the way and ensured that it would be successful.

I knew that this was a last chance without completely starting over.  I just couldn't imagine us having to wait so long just for me to either stick with the original doctor and go through a nightmare of testing.  Or, start from scratch and wait for an opening to obtain a physical.

So, here was the day that I was desperately hoping would result in three pages of signed medical releases for the dossier.....a lot was riding on the next few moments.....

As I waited in the waiting room, I filled out the entries that I could.  Date....must be spelled out.....name....must include my middle name, exactly as it is on passport.....wait, go back to date....am I sure of what day it is?  Name....another slot for adoptive mother.......Oh NO!!  I wrote my name in the area where I was supposed to sign by accident!!  Shoot!!  Ok....search for the other copies that my husband made just in case I made a mistake (he certainly knows me!)

And then it was time.... my weight and height were taken, as well as my blood pressure.  I told the assistant that surely it would end up being through the roof with as much stress as I was feeling.  Nope....perfectly normal!  Whew!  One thing down....

The friendly angel doctor walked in and made pleasant small talk.  My heart was pounding as I fingered the three critical pieces of paper.  I handed them over as carefully as I might have handed someone a newborn baby.  LOL! 

I watched with baited breath as the computer was consulted and each one of the illnesses were checked off.....HIV-negative, Hep B-negative, sexually transmitted diseases-negative, drug use-negative, inhalant use-negative, cancer-negative

The doctor hesitated briefly and seemed to be thinking.  I felt my heart rate rise.  I found myself mentioning my injured jaw just to avoid being told that the doctor wouldn't be able to sign the forms.  The doctor paused and felt my jaw bones and I explained the pain and lack of ability to close my jaw after being hit by the back of Eleanor's head. (A true hazard of motherhood!) 

The doctor recommended advil to decrease swelling and ordered x-rays.....and then, back to the forms.  There was a stillness and quiet in the room that was deafening as the last of the check marks were made and the signing began.  One form.....two forms.......three forms.......all signed.  She handed them over to the assistant to make copies for their records.  My eyes followed the papers until I couldn't see them any longer.

And then, they were in my hand and placed carefully in a manila folder.  The walk back to the waiting room felt like it took forever and I really wanted to break into a sprint and race out of there, just in case anyone might change their mind! 

Corinna was waiting for me in the waiting room and the two of us raced to the UPS store to have it notarized.  These forms have to be notarized on the exact same day that the doctor signed the form. 

As the notary prepared her book and took payment, Corinna and I discussed that the worth of those papers was so great that they should be placed into our safe.  The notary began asking more about the process and we explained how everything had to be perfect or we would have to re-do them which could result in a huge time loss.  I made sure that her notary stamp was good for at least one year....yes, hers was good until 2014.  So everything seemed perfect and I finally began to relax for the first time that day.....

So, the mission was accomplished and it would never have been possible without the loving help of our angel that went the extra mile and put herself out in order to help two beautiful and deserving twins!  We are so thankful to God and to the willingness of others to do His work.  And, I am also grateful for the recommendation on a wonderful new doctor and the ability to switch!

In closing, I wanted to include the precious pictures of Corinna's departure back to the army in Virginia.  Have I mentioned that this is NOT getting any easier!?!

Corinna and Amelia

Corinna and I (and the back of Eleanor's head-that nearly broke my jaw! LOL!)

Just prior to the both of us bursting into tears.....
One last kiss from Eleanor!

And then she was gone....before I could wipe the tears and get a picture of her walking away.....

Dedicated to my beloved Corinna....may you remember to shine as bright as the sunflowers!


  1. Wonderful!!! So glad it all got done! :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am too....what a relief!!


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