June 27, 2011

Financial update

We have been featured on another blog!!  It is a blog by a man who loves cycling and philanthropy and I'm so grateful that he chose us to be listed on his site as a worthy cause!  Here is the link:

I had so many people excited about our recent adoption funding by my parents!  Thanks everyone for your love and enthusiasm!  It really helps to fuel our hope that we can make this happen!

The down side is that we have a long way to go....many people mistakenly thought that when I posted that that *portion* of our adoption was fully funded, that the whole adoption was fully funded.  Oh, how I wish that were true! 

It is okay, though....what it does do is keep us from having to delay sending in our dossier due to financial constraints.  What we still have to do is continue forward with the next part of our expenses.....the travel and the in-country expenses which include the attorney's fees.  I am not entirely sure what the true costs will end up being since items like the airplane tickets are variable. 

On that topic, I have heard it said that there are some tricks such as booking a special "adoption" fare and/or using others frequent flyer miles that are donated.  We have also been told that we could take a risk and fly into London and then buy tickets at the airport to our destination.  Any other creative ideas out there?  The plane tickets will be a large part of our expenses due to the fact that we have to take three trips....so any help in this department will be greatly appreciated!

Lastly, we are waiting for the docs to come in regarding our new business purchase of a digital garment printer.  I will  have our new and improved website up soon to showcase all of what we can do and plan to do.  I think that the main difference in our product is that we can do everything that screen printing could do as far as t-shirts etc except that it is eco-friendly water based dyes and doesn't leave the plastic type feel on the shirts.  The shirt stays soft but the colors are vibrant and amazing!  Can't wait!

So, just to keep this post from being too financially focused and completely unrelated to our day to day family life.... I have to post a recent fun pic of Eleanor.  I had told the older girls that it was okay for Eleanor to try a little of my make-up because I wasn't using it anymore.  Here are the results of just a "little bit" of what Eleanor calls "make-ut"

Eleanor thought she was very "sancy" (fancy!)  We adore her!!

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