May 16, 2012

The meaning of sunscream and polkanuts....

Our family has a "birthday season" that is nearly akin to the stress and planning of Christmas time.  In fact, so many of our family members have birthdays at this time of the year, that it seemed absolutely fitting that the twins would also join and add their birthdays to our already completely full birthday calendar!

I thought I would highlight each of the children on or near their birthdays as we go.....since, to me, one of the greatest joys of having a large family is watching each child unfold into their own unique strengths, quirks, and stunning personalities that God gave them! :-)

Birthday season gets off to a great start with our very adored baby Eleanor, who is beginning to be not quite a baby at the age of three!  This starts me right off with an Eleanor fun fact.  This is not a child who wants to be a "big girl" nor will she ever say that she is big and can do it herself. 

Nope, she is pretty darn happy with her role as the baby of the family and is very happy to stay that way.  In fact, I just decided to ask her if she was a big girl or a baby and she responded, "I'm a baby and I'm going to turn into butterflies!"   The bottom line is, that in our household, the baby role has a lot of perks and status.

She is a *character* and has an amazing imagination.  She asked me one morning where daddy was going.  I responded that he had to go to work. 

She responded, "No he doesn't!  He has to go fight monsters.... in the water!"  She then paused for a moment and said...."will you tell him to get my Easter candy back from the monsters....they took it from me!"

Of course, her dad couldn't resist to bring her back some candy that day, to which she replied with a huge smile, "Thanks dad!"  Can you imagine the pride that she must have felt knowing that she was worth battling huge monsters for, just to win back some Easter candy? 

Eleanor's birthday party just had to be a monster party.  I'm not sure if she fears them, loathes them, or adores them....I'm pretty sure it is a mixture of all three.  But, one thing is for sure....she loves talking about them and telling stories.

So, we started her party with monster tag and then went inside and made and ate monster meatloaf heads.

Afterwards, we had glow in the dark crazy monstery duck toys that became great dance partners!

They had so much fun together!

Hmmm, so what do sunscream, bobbom, bamana, and polkanuts all have in common? 

They are Eleanorese for sunscreen, bottom, banana, and polka dots and are now part of the family vocabulary. :-)

Happy Birthday to my hysterically funny, ever so confident, sometimes a stinker, walks with her hands behind her back like royalty, and super cuddly little three year baby!

Next birthday is Robertson's but I still need to blog about our upcoming is coming soon, I promise!

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