May 19, 2012

And.....he's off!!!!!

I have to admit a little jealousy here....Robert has left for Amsterdam!!!  He will then go on to the twin's country after a day spent in the airport (okay, not so jealous about that!)

No, the twins and I do not have to go on this trip which is both good and bad.  It is obviously cheaper this way but I do kind of wish I could see the country while it is beautiful, green, and warm.  And, oh, do I *love* their food!  I've been trying to get Robert to figure out a way to put it on ice and bring it back with him. LOL! (Ummm, I'm truly serious!)

And, court will be this week to finalize the adoption!!!! 

We are all excited and looking forward to a happy week ahead... we will be done with our homeschool charter for the summer, the twin's will celebrate their 5th birthday, and we will all celebrate our court date... where we will become a family with twins, on legal paper! :-) 

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