March 5, 2012

Wonder twins power-ACTIVATE!!!

I know that this post title is going to show my age!  But, you will see how important it is in just a moment! ;-)

I first want to apologize for leaving everyone hanging but I truly could not keep up with trying to get my house back together after a month of neglect, on top of jet lag, and provide a constant and stable presence for the twins as well as my other children who needed me too after missing their mom for a month.  It has been a busy week!

I decided that I will start at the beginning just before we left the twin's country so that I can capture the memories..... before they are gone.  So, I will slowly but surely get us all caught up.....

The day we left was actually bitter sweet.  After all of my whining about wanting to be home with the rest of our children and back where we had warmth and budding fruit trees, I realized that this time that we had with the children was nearly over.  And, I realized that as hard as it was, there were also many good memories.

  It was time to say goodbye to our first home together.....this is the outside of our apartment bldg.

And, to say a final goodbye to the huge boat that we greeted and waved goodbye to outside our window every morning and every evening.

It was time to say goodbye to our winter wonderland full of crunchy snow and our absolute favorite place to go out to eat and play!

Where Tom and Jerry episodes mixed with shish kebabs and chocolate strawberry cake made for absolute heaven on the earth!

So, in the end, I did indeed feel sentimental about this first home of ours together.  And, I was more than a bit worried about how hard this upcoming trip was going to be for the twins. 

We took our final ride to the airport in the taxi and just prior to leaving I told the children using their word for airplane that we were *finally* going to go!  Their foster mother did a great job in preparing them so they knew that it was coming.  But, seriously.....nothing could have prepared me for what they did next........and I promise that I am not adding or dramatizing to make a better story.

We sat in the back of the taxi and I explained once again that we were going to the plane....both of them paused and stared forward as though they were deeply processing what I was saying.  Then the lightbulb went off! 

They looked at me and both almost simultaneously asked "airplane?" in their language....with the tone suggesting that they were asking....really and truly, right NOW????

I nodded with a sufficient look of excitement that they got it...we were leaving for America....this was it!!!!!!

And, now the unexpected behavior.......

K. locked eyes with I. and gave him the thumbs up!

I. looked at her with a huge smile of agreement and put his thumb up next to hers!

I absolutely couldn't help but to flash back when I was a a cartoon that I hadn't thought of in years.....if you remember this, you are old too! hee hee

This was it!!!  Their time had come and they acted as though they knew all along that this was the next chapter for them and what they needed to do.   

Then, they started kissing and hugging each other with an intensity I had never seen sheer bliss and excitement!  They spoke to each other in short exclamations that seemed like "Yay, America!  Yay, airplane!  Yay, family!  FINALLY!!!!"  (my interpretation may be off a bit! ;-)

Then, they would start hugging and kissing each other again and pressing themselves to the window of the taxi. 

Where in the world do you find four year olds that would not only understand the enormous meaning of this moment but that would express it with excitement *and* with the idea that they were ready and were bravely facing it together....I hope I am describing the moment with the right clarity because I hope to never forget it.....and the rest of our trip is based on this theme......

"Wonder twins power.....ACTIVATE!!!!!"

Stay tuned as I will try to tell a part of our story every day until I am caught up.....tommorrow on to our plane ride and staying the night in a space pod! ;-)


  1. I love it. So glad you are home now. Can't wait to read more.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  2. Cutest thing ever?!? R&L have such a tight bond too and I LOVE it. It never stops being sweet.


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