April 27, 2012

Is it too late for Easter? There is a brand new way to find eggs

Here is my post that I started soon after Easter but just haven't been able to get out.  I figured that as long as it posted before the 4th of July, I would be happy!  I will follow soon with catching everyone up to date and how I have literally been drowning in deep water.

Nothing can prove my own human-ness faster than events like Easter.  Some of you may relate and some of you that I envy will wonder what the heck I am talking about!  There is just something about the pressure of wanting everyone to look "nice" for pictures and for a specific event that will find me short on patience and saying and thinking ridiculous things. 

I start out with a Martha Stewart ideal and always end up with something more like Roseanne (yes, I know...that's an old show, I just don't watch much tv anymore!)  Hmmm, maybe that is because Martha Stewart didn't have eight children in her home or maybe I get a big Fail or maybe it is somewhere between the two. 

Either way, the ideal perfection that I am aiming for usually ends up with me giving up and all of us heading for the van in our "imperfect" state for church. 

And, guess when the real fun and togetherness begins?

Once I let go and let the kids be kids and be messy and just have fun at Easter time and if I get good pics then I do and if I don't?  Well, the world will keep rotating and God will be happier with my mothering. 

But, do I learn?  Hmmm, well a little bit each year perhaps.  But, not quite enough to prevent me from doing it again.  Ahhh, maybe 2013 is the year!  I will either get better organized the night before or we'll just head for church in our pajamas. LOL!

So I don't have beautiful picture perfect photos of the entire family donned in their Easter finery but I do think I have a video of a small curly haired fairy that will touch your heart. 

You see, K. started a whole new Easter tradition.  When in doubt and you can't find your egg....call to it! Press play and bask in the cuteness!!!

Okay, so I did get some cute pics even if they included untucked shirts and missing barrettes.

 I have soooo many stories left to tell!!!  I actually find that we have a story for every day of the week but just no time to write them down!  But, I have some good/awful flooding stories and can you imagine another addition to the family? :-)

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