December 12, 2011

Define necessity?

We finished our John's fundraiser and haven't yet heard how it went but we all had a good time and since we haven't eaten out in a very long time, that made it all the more special.

We will soon be working on a yard sale fundraiser but haven't yet decided if we will try for this Saturday or wait until January since we will be facing the holidays.
I will also try to write in the next few days about where we stand and how much closer we is a good feeling and yet I would love to just be fully funded and be able to relax and focus on preparing for the trip and how we can make the transition and bonding as easy as possible for the twins.  We will get there...some way, some how, I know we will get there.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about true necessities and actual needs this year....more than I ever have.  I saw these posted on Facebook.

And, it obviously gets you thinking......and re-defining what is actually a neccessity and what is not.

And then I saw this next video. 

I want you to watch it....not necessarily for the nice things that the adoptive parents say to the girl they are surprising, even though it is nice, but rather to really and truly understand what it means to have a family.....and what it means when you don't.  You see, when I think of necessities now, I would put family right alongside shelter, food, and water. 

And though, many of us do thank our Heavenly Father for our families and attempt to be appreciative.....I think that after you watch this video you will be changed in your appreciation of how much you have and how deeply it would hurt to not have be alone.  Hang in through the first part so you see her reaction when she finds out that they actually want to adopt her and that she will finally have a family:

Having a family is as important as our food and water and the air that we breathe.  I urge everyone who is reading our blog to truly consider the plight of those who don't have families this Christmas...there are often Christmas trees in malls and large stores where we are all encouraged to offer material presents for children who may want/need them.  While this may surely be a kind act, I want to also encourage those of you to consider helping a child to find a family.  There are so many sites where you can sponsor children and help the families that would want to adopt but just can't afford it, to be able to bring them home.  All of the children that are posted below (and so many more!) are on Reece's Rainbow or Project Hopeful

So how do I define necessity?  Family!  Please consider a visit to these websites and offer help for the families that want so badly to bring the children home or for the children to have enough sponsored funds that a family can just step in and bring them home.  If you have been reading this blog very long or know our family personally, you will know the extreme efforts and roller coaster it is to fundraise.  Many families are just not able to do it but would love to welcome a child into their family.  Could you also consider if your heart has been touched and if your family is willing to open up a spot in your heart and home for these children who need you.......

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